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Waldo's Weekly - Bring on Heat

Hobby Wyrd

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Hey Wyrdos!

This week, someone used the last of Waldo’s Impishly Hot Sauce and forgot to replace it, sending our cranky imp into a fiery, fuming, pouting menace. While we search for this much-beloved condiment, let’s take a look at some new models experienced at bringing the heat!




The Ashbringers are a new cross-division between the Marshals and Witch Hunters. Tasked with the safe disposal of corpses and magical artifacts alike, they are a grim but effective force.




These fiery Minions boast several helpful ways to support a crew, from card cycling to Healing. Ashbringers are also a bit resilient themselves, ensuring they have a chance to spread their flame where it’s most potent.

That’s all for this week, Wyrdos! Keep your eyes peeled for more Ashes of Malifaux teasers, and let us know how you might incorporate Ashbringers into your crews!

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