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Kunai - from shadows - what kind of action is Fan of Knives?


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Fan of Knives: This character may discard a Twist Card to make up to three 1 AP Thrown Weapons attack Actions with this weapon 
(she must throw one knife per attack made this way). If she does so, she gains +2 to her attack flips.

pg 134 
Kunai has the weapon quality of Fan of Knives (above) is this an action, or something else?

Given that I have 3 cards to discard, can I make 9 attacks and then have my normal 2ap (given I have enough Kunai) 
If I have a draw a card if you fail a ranged attack, can I keep making them?


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Yes, that is how it works as written, at least as far I can see. Personally, I just replaced it with the Fan special rule, which is fine for me because I added the Rapid Fire Tactical action (Requirement: Speed 4 or greater) as a General Talent. Otherwise yes kunai certainly have the potential to do some moderately busted things.

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...I took another look at the Kunai and decided to make the following tentative adjustments:

Damage: 1/1/2   Skill: 2   Special: Thrown, Concealable, Balanced 

Balanced When used as part of a Thrown Weapons Skill Challenge, the wielder may add a Suit of her choice to the final duel total.

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Pretty much every book has had a lot of "mess" concentrated in the Equipment section. For a long time I've been meaning to compile a notebook dedicated to a consolidated+adjusted Mega-Equipment section, will save me some hassle whenever I get around to it.

Also, the Torakage Advanced Pursuit (Core Rules pg.167) does give the player access to a somewhat "messy" shuriken weapon, which does include the fan special rule...

...but once again, no Rapid Fire tactical action =P

I added Rapid Fire to the "The Leaves Upon The Breeze" Talent, in addition to making it accessible as a General Talent.

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