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Mr Oogie Boogie

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well i cant see mto get an answer other than from  peopel repeating "Collodi is a deadmands hand card he is not updated unbalenced and no errata," yadda yadda, but i need a question answering and no one seems to know the answer

Does teddy work well with colladi with them both beibng constructs even out of keyword?

cheers mi ducks 

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I can't see much synergy when I look at the cards. Neither really do much construct related. 

That said I generally don't see teddy needing much in the way of support so he isn't a bad choice in a puppet list if you want a big hitter. 

I don't think many people use collodi, so it may be that no-one actually knows if teddy works well, but I don't think he's a bad choice to try. 

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6 hours ago, Mr Oogie Boogie said:

do you not find it wierd they briought out new plastic models for a dead mans hand crew>  unless they wqhere planning to bring him back one day in a different form 

I'm pretty sure that's the M2e plastic sprue with a new box. So probably just to be able to sell already made stock.

Of course no one knows what the future holds, but I'm not upset if we never see collodi again, I found every iteration I've faced to be boring to play, and generally to easy to be powerful.  

It may return, but it also may never be seen again, and I would only buy it on the understanding that it isn't supported by the company  and may well not exist when a new edition happens. 

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