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Lady Yume in Dreamer crew

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Hi Everyone,

I am starting my very first crew outside the bayou... Going Neverborn this time. Big monster fan so went with dreamer. I was wondering do any of you use Lady Yume in your dreamer crew and if so to what effect? I haven't come across any games that run this model, But she is is in the 'Realm beyond box' with the cool insomniac version of the Dreamer. Is she worth a spot in the crew?

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If you scroll through the previous posts, I asked the same question. 🙂

I've personally come to the conclusion that it's a decent model, especially for the stat 7 attack on wp. 

But she is not essential I think. 

Much better when used with Asami and probably Insomniac.

I am of the opinion that the classic dreamer need a little fix again.

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As you said her stat 7 12" wp attack is what I take her for with Dreamer1. 1 damage and an injured alone isn't really a big deal, but when you have a buried alp, that attack does 2 damage and puts your alp exactly where you want it, with a free attack against an injured model.

It's not an auto-include for me, but if I think I'll need the alp disruption, I take her. (That and the fact that I love the sculpt!)

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Lady Yume is not an autoinclude, but she can bring very interesting synergies within the crew, with the Alps for example as mentioned above.


I also love to bring her with the WW and Bandersnatch, her Unimpeded trait helping a lot tracking her preys stuck in these webs ;) and she adds another good Terrifying in the crew, which is always good with Dreamer1 :D

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