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Desolation Engine bonus action.


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I'm a bit curious - how often you using consume action? I just realised, that I didn't used it at all. Because in most situations there is no good target for it. Only one option that I can accept is an abomination, but I prefer leave them to increase chances to recombine Deso after death, or, at lease, draw some enemy attention from my other models. And with this, Deso for me have no bonus, in fact. Or it's just only me?

I think he could have one more bonus, that can cover his weak spots. For example onward. Because main problem for Deso, IMO, is how to deliver him and not die on the road.

Or maybe something like Arik or Harata, where you have various effects, but can choose only one. Deso is a combination of bodies and mechanic, so I think it also can be in coherensy  with lore, like:

:ToS-Fast:Chaging Form.

        Choose one effect below, it lasts unlit End Phase.

        Springs in legs: Immidiately take a Walk action.

        Telescopik arms: This model's :ToS-Melee: actions increase it range +1

        Extra arms: This model's :ToS-Melee: actions receive :+flip


Or something like this. What do you think?

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Functionally not having a bonus action is definitely an issue with the Desolation Engine. Rat Kings have a similar problem with the same bonus but even then they have a second bonus action and the models they consume are even more replaceable than Abominations.


Personally I'd be happy with the Engines picking up Vile Reclamation. That's a good bonus. Put them up to Defence 4 or 5 and that would probably be enough for them to see play.

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9 minutes ago, Azahul said:

Put them up to Defence 4 or 5 and that would probably be enough for them to see play.

Exactly. Before there was some logic like "big deadly guy" = "low defence". But now is not case, powercreep is rising again. So, I think update some old models is good idea. With app statistic Wyrd can see "dead" models easy and take some actions.

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I used him a lot of times. And almost all of them was "meh" at best. You must use him with upgrade only that makes him 12 ss minion... With SoDP for extra def, healing and move at fisrt turn, or WC for same reasons but without healing, but with move tricks.

But even with this you still need a lot of support to him. At least one (better two) scavengers, and you still need good cards at hand for attack, because even with two focuses you may have bad flips, and Deso most probably die there so you NEED good atack and dmg flips. He is very card hungry. And very fragile. If left his survivability at some level, his attack potential should be increased.

But in my opinion he needs additional bonus action like I describe or something similar, +1 def and +1 mv or +1 rng.

Because just compare him, with, for example, Executioner.

It cost 9, has 6 or 7 stat with 2" range, with 3 (and possible 4, like Deso) min damage, with def trigger disabling, HtK, SS mining, and very cool bonuses and grit. And it very easy to summon. You need just 13. And with Dispatcher you don't even need enemy scheme (and instead of paying price for using him, you take card, yeah great design...). When I face our local guild player I have to kill executioners each turn. They are crasy effective. And here we have 12 ss model that don't even close...


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4 hours ago, Davos said:

Great pick if you wanna flex and shame your opponent for lolz
That's worth something....right?

That's exactly the reason why I still play him))


Nevertheless he still GREAT summon, but it extremely hard to pull (all the time in m3e I was able to do that only once...)

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