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Dreamer vs Misaki (With pictures!)


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After several games with a friend of mine Misaki vs Dreamer and losing all of them but 1 tie (see this topic "Let's beat Dreamer" for more including the last game), we agreed to sqitch masters for once.

And since I enjoyed the batrep writing, below is the exchanged masters game.

First of all, the strategy and schemes:


With the map overview and the crews deployed:


Miski's: Misaki Exchanged (Ten Thunders)

Size: 50 - Pool: 6


  Misaki Katanaka






  Minako Rei


  Torakage 2




Dreamer's: Kiddo Shifts Loyalties (Neverborn)

Size: 50 - Pool: 8


  The Dreamer


  Lord Chompy Bits

    Inhuman Reflexes



    Ancient Pact

  Daydream 2

    Ancient Pact


  Serena Bowman

  Insidious Madness

  Stitched Twitter


Turn 1 to come next!

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Let's go with turn 1.

Misaki won initiative and chose to go second, after disappearing and dropping both shadow markers in front of Minako. So the Dreamer summoned a stitched and pushed all the nearby nightmares a bit (mostly for the shield just in case). Minako responded summoning both katashiros.


After that, everybody positioned and most of them focused. It is worth highlighting the top left of the board, where both katashiros and a torakage jumped forward to prepare for some 10T scheming.

LCB noticed this and, staying (very) out of range from Fuhatsu, attacked one of the katashiros twice, placing the summoned stitched first and killing the katashiro right after. To seal the deal ln that flank, the stitched gambled his life twice with the torakage and killed it.


Meanwhile, Misaki popped next to Shang, went to the center of the table and focused. While the Tanuki sobered up Fuhatsu and Ototo.

Ototo jumped to the bottom and was charged by Coppelius (under the bridge), whom took a couple of shots of Fuhatsu after he repositioned himself so he could aim the squidface.


After that, turn 1 was finished with Coppelius' life depending on initiative.

Turn 2 and more pics when I find a place to upload them, hehehe.


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Initiative in this turn was crucial to determine Coppelius' fate, and bad things happen, we all know that ^^'


That RJ let Misaki start, and Ototo smashed Coppelius and killed him with 1 strike (6 dmg). However, instead of retreating, he jumped forward and smashed the stitched that acompanied Squidface, which endured the strike quite well (have I said this guys are insane?).

The picture below is after Ototo killed Coppelius and after the stitched striked back at some time to leave Ototo at 6HP.



Returning to the top left, Misaki decided to charge Chompi, spent her 2 focus and suffered the rubber Bisento syndrome, causing only 4 damage to him (I did use a couple of stones and 2 cards to ensure this).

Continuing with this fight (but not in activation order, since this happend towards the end of the turn), the katashiro that was on the upper left corner jumped to LCB and tried to hit him, but actually healed him once with his fear.

Chompi, ignoring the katashiro, started to play with Misaki, and almost ate her whole, leving her at 2HP.



While these 3 were having fun, well, at least LCB did for sure. Behind the railroad houses the Dreamer managed to invoke another friend in the form of an insidious madness. And attacked Ototo, hitting him for 2 damage and placing the IM next to him.

While the Tanuki was cheering Fuhatsu, Serena charged Ototo and killed him.


After that, a daydream leaded Ms. Bowman to a safe place next to the boxes below and Fuhatsu hit the IM a couple of times, including a Sweeping Strike that hit the Stitched too.

Returning to the top left, the summoned stitched tried to end the Oyabun with a little gamble (fixed gamble, with a 13 prepared), but the BJ ended all the fun.


Minako charged the stitched, leaving him at 1hp. And the IM and the torakage went to the middle to control the ley line.

Turn 2 ended 1-1 with one strategy point for each:



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Turn 3 I won the initiative and started with the nightmare kid. Dreamer did his bonus to shield Serena and the stitched, summoned an alp and a dsydream. Targeted Fuhatsu with Twisted Fate, dealing 2 damage and summoning the alp, who did 1 dmg to both Fuhatsu and the Tanuki and failed his attack. After this, the Dreamer run for cover behind the buildings.


In response, Fuhatsu punched the alp and, spending a SS, fired at him, blewing him up and freeing himself to shoot at the stitched. However, the stitched survived and charged the tanuki, killing him with a bit of life gambling. To wrap it up, he healed for 2, going back to 8HP.

(Here I forgot to apply the minuses to Fuhatsus damage from the alp and healing the stitched).


Due to the failed wp from the tanuki, the daydream was to be summoned. And we placed it in the deployment zone (I am not sure we did this right, but it is how we have been playing it all the games).

This daydream turned out to be important, because he pushed Serena later.


Misaki appeared in the bottom left, dropped a couple bof scheme markers and moved next to the ley line. In range for a walk+throw from the torakage in the center ley line.

Meanwhile in the top left...

The katashiro reminded his original orders and jumped away with the wind to place a scheme marker in the corner. 

The torakage in the middle, who had been pushed by the IM nearby to avoid him getting to the lower ley lines, managed to reach the top left ley line.

The stitched gambled against the torakage, but was not very lucky this time. And Minako slashed him but did not kill him 

LCB feeling a little alone, went after the katashiro and killed him (because the more appetizing torakage was out of range).


Resuming the bottom left fight, Serena, pushed by the daydream, charged and hit Fuhatsu for good, killing him with the second attack.


End of this turn, the points were 3-3 after Misaki declared Breakthrough, and Dreamer Sabotage the boxes to the right.


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At this point, despite being 3-3, my opponent had only left Misaki, Shang, Minako and a torakage. And it was pretty difficult for him to score second point of Breakthrough and Spread Them Out (which was clearly his other scheme).

So he was about to concede, but we decided to play the 4th turn.

Summing up, only Misaki survived and took control the bottom left ley line. (We agreed the lodestone should pass to her after the last model was killed on the table).


However, Dreamer's nightmares placed all the schemes to get the second point of Sabotage and the first of Breakthrough. Also, they removed most of the schemes from Misaki's crew and took control of the top right ley line.

End of turn 4, the score was 5-4 favoring Dreamer:


You can see Chompi after eating Minako to the top left. Serena in the middle killing the Torakage through the last summoned IM. And the stitched that killed Shang just below the rails.


And here we decided to call it a day, and talked through the 5th turn, ending with an 8-5 for the Dreamer.


It was a close game, but the Dreamer (as always) floods the opponent with resources too easily and is too forgiving with mistakes. While with Misaki, every mistake counts.


What do you think? Any C&C on things we did wrong rules wise, tactic mistakes or ways to improve the batreps are welcome! = D

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