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Dead man's Ramos 3E list.


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Hi people.


I know that Ramos is DMH and cannot be used in tournament anymore, but I mostly play casual games with my friends. Looking at his rules and how he can interact with other models, I thought about getting him and making lists to play. 

Here is a sample for a 50 SS list ( I would of course change it according to the scenario).



Brass Arachnid

Metal Golem 

      Soulstone Cache

Soulstone Miner 1

        Magical Training

Soulstone Miner 2

        Magical Training

Mecharachnid 1

        Diesel Engine

Mecharachnid 2

        Diesel Engine


Pool : 6

SS : 6/ 50


So no surprise here, the idea is to rely on scrap markers to summon and detonate. Also rely on the miners for SS recovery and being able to move around the board easily. The golem is there for free Scrap markers. Mecharachnids provide concealment.


What do you think of it ?

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It seems reasonable enough, though I wouldn't start with Mecharachnid. They're summonable easily enough.

Replace one with Joss, the other with a Metal Gamin. Give one Diesel Engine to Joss, and just stick the other on Ramos if the ranged threat is a concern. Yeah, he doesn't maximize it, but it's not tying up a model in protecting him, and hindering his activation order (if he's got a bodyguard with DE, you need to be wary of moving either too far from the other and leaving Ramos exposed). And if you don't think you'll need it, switch it for a second Metal Gamin.

Metal Gamin aren't all that awesome, granted, but they do act as a defense against models with Scrap removal, and you need Scrap early on. And spreading out more scrap for the Mecharachnids to eat, or the Metal Golem to RailWalk with, is also a plus. They're also helpful a little against anti-Armor by being able to give out Shielded instead. And as a pair, they can be decent schemerunners. And are fine in a pinch for Uncontrollable Detonation.

The double whammy UD is just an awesome spectacle. Move Metal Gamin into position earlier in the turn, UD, using a 4+ of Tomes (or stone for it). Boom. :new-Pulse:2, 2 Damage. Summon an EC. Immediately UD. Boom. :new-Pulse:2, 2 Damage. Oh no, EC died. Boom. :new-Pulse:2, 2 Damage. Getting 6 unopposed damage (that also gets around some defensive tech like Incorporeal), spread across three chunks, in a ~5", drawing 2 cards, and dropping two Scrap (EC doesn't, but MGam drops an extra), and then summoning something else in there, is just awesomes.

I'd also say you don't need that many starting soulstones. Even if your opponent is aggressive against the Miners, you should still be able to get 6SS out of them, and outside Ramos (and Joss if you take him), you've got no other outlets. 2-3 should be more than enough to get you started, and the Miners will provide the rest.

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11 hours ago, Morgan Vening said:

The OP did say they're not into tournaments, and just play casual games, so that's not a problem. 

Agreed, however if you @Fog want to play tournaments, I'd recommend you to practice with other crews; the DMH seems to be only a transition thing. It's a pity because I do like another DMH (Collodi) a lot, but games have to evolve and sometimes some cool options just dissapear for the sake of balance / make room for new blood.

To play Machina in tournaments, you could try to play with Joss leader and the Rider; Mechanical Rider works wonderfully with henchmans leaders giving them a second activation (even from turn 2 with SS cache). Joss is top notch, and most of Ramos models are versatiles and good stuff; that crew would probably work well. I posted a few days ago a thread about Myranda leader with this same idea if you are curious (https://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/147735-myranda-the-huntress-unleashed-breakdown/)

In my case, I'm (slowly) building a puppets crew with Hinamatsu leader to be able to play Puppets (with a touch of Qi and Gong). And it looks like it going to work quite well.

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