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Fatemaster Friday - Yesterday, upon the stair, I met a man who wasn’t there...


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Frightful Friday Breachers!

As the resident Evil Spirit haunting Wyrd, I look forward to October every year. Waldo may no longer be allowed near the Halloween candy or to help me decorate the office, but I still make the most of this month. That means that I get to share my love of the creepy, unnerving, and downright spooky with you all month long! Before I get into my exploration of a seasonally appropriate One Shot this week, let’s see what @stump_chunkman had to say about their favorite Resurrectionist!


...my vote is for Albus VonSchtook. As if the man's creative taxidermy hobbies weren't' spooky enough, he's a man what TEACHES THE UNDEAD CONSTRUCTS HOW TO MAKE MORE UNDEAD CONSTRUCTS. And then he broadcasts fan-fiction about how cool it is to be an undead construct.

You can check out what everyone else had to say about their favorites here. 

Night of the Carver is the perfect TTB One Shot for the Halloween season. The Fated are contracted to track down and bring in Sam McGee, an old, opportunistic mercenary wanted for a variety of crimes. Unfortunately for old Sam, the Fated are the least of his problems. He’s got a nasty creature on his trail that is going to make it hard for the Fated to bring him to their destination in one piece. 

This One Shot is great for introducing a menace that can’t easily be defeated. The Carver is focused and relentless in the pursuit of its target. Additionally, it allows you as Fatemaster to show that even holidays aren’t safe from Malifaux’s touch. The Carver adds a strange and dangerous edge to All Hallows Eve that simply isn’t found Earthside.

Additionally, this One Shot includes 3 separate Narrative Encounters. While these are written for M2E, they can be altered to your M3E needs with some consideration to The Carver’s new Abilities. “All Hallows Eve” is a 3-player Encounter, and “A Fading Ritual” is a 2-player Encounter with The Carver switching loyalty throughout. “Carving a Path” is a single-player Encounter that follows a similar goal as the TTB Adventure, trying to get someone to safety while The Carver is in hot pursuit.

Night of the Carver is a great little adventure for anyone wanting to have a fun session in the Halloween spirit, and is only 5$ USD on DriveThru RPG! Check it out here.  

Before I get to this week’s question, a reminder that the Rotten Harvest Painting Competition is currently happening. Check out the announcement here, and even if you aren’t a painter yourself consider voting when the time comes! Again, the TTB contest in the Triskaidekaphobia thread is still going on!

Now, we all know that living in Malifaux has spawned its own superstitions. One example is that pumpkin jack-o’-lanterns will attract The Carver. What is a Malifaux superstition you would put in your campaign? 

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You know, I would almost say anything that would help...protect one's self against a changeling Neverborn would be a good supersittion.
Something like words only said in a whisper, or secret signs shared between people. Sure a good Doppleganger would pick up on them...but its agood initial protection.


How about some of the superstitions from the native folk that could be inversions. Maybe a mirror is a good luck charm for a nephilim, to show how the black blood has taken you in. Or the last drink out of a barrel of gremlin shine is bad luck, so everyone wants to drink as much as possible but never have the last drink.

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15 hours ago, stump_chunkman said:

Maybe the Hangin' Tree gets covered every year in papers of the names of everyone that's spent some time on it. Maybe nobody knows who puts them up there and the guild strictly prohibits it but every year, for one day, they show up anyway. . .

I really dig this idea. Or something to do with the Hangin' tree.
Like asking for forgiveness...or vengence.

Like sticking Joe's name up there. Because screw that guy


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