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The Burning Man Descends (?)

Mr Janje

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The Burning Man Descends: Change the text of the R effect to: “Choose one Fireteam not already chosen by this effect. It takes a Hit with Strength equal to the number of times this effect has been resolved by this Stratagem (including this effect).

So how does this work now, as if you flip 4 rams, you are still only allowed to resolve each effect once per suit in the conflict right?


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You flip six cards, and then you resolve each of the six suits on those cards.  So if you get :ToS-Ram::ToS-Ram::ToS-Tome::ToS-Ram::ToS-Tome::ToS-Ram:, you're going to be resolving Tomes twice and Rams four times.

I think it's ambiguous what order you resolve the suits in--the order put into the conflict; the order listed on the stratagem; or player's choice.

Disclaimer:  As far as I can tell, the reason for the errata is because nothing on the card tells you that you to discard those cards you placed in the Conflict.  So you don't discard them until you're done resolving the stratagem.  So the old version of the Rams technically didn't work.


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