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M2e/M3e switch and rankings


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Dear all,

This year m2e should be replaced by m3e. Taking it into account i have one question. In case of local/national ranking system what is the optimal procedure for the transition from m2e to m3e. Will both m2e and m3e events be ranked through the year? M2e will be ranked at the begining of the year and after announcing of m3e only 3rd redaction will be ranked? Should we restart the rankings?

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Part of this depends on what you use rankings for.

If you use them as a way to encourage participation (which was certainly the original intent) then I don't think its a good idea to re-start them because you have removed some of the incentive to play now. And we don't have a release date yet.

I don't know how it works in other countries, but certainly in the UK, the Ranking points only last a year, so whilst there will be a little time based off both games, it isn't that long. (and you can always filter the results to only apply after a certain time if you wanted to only include M3).

Last edition change we just carried on using the same ranking software so one year the masters events were based on both editions. 

I'm lazy and that seemed to work so I'd go with that.


A more awkward question is if you run an event using M3 beta rules should that be ranked?



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2 hours ago, Adran said:

A more awkward question is if you run an event using M3 beta rules should that be ranked?

Difficult to decide. After the open betta test starts it can be hard to involve the big part of community into playing 2e. Possibly not ranking of m3e betta turnaments is the only instrument which can hold the majority of (our Russian) meta in 2e. 

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