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  1. Kouzelnik

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    As a Neverborn player, I'm very sad to lose three (!) masters in time. Especially because my most played masters were Collodi and Lilith. But does it really mean we'll lose all associated models like Illuminated, Beckoners, Tannen and Graves and so on? Can we expect that models like Hinamatsu, Vasilisa, Barbaros will be lost too? And yes, it's painful to get all my Puppet collection unplayable. Why really not to make dead/lost Masters tournament legal, If they will be balanced?
  2. Kouzelnik

    Dreaming of a Rube Goldberg

    Child cannot copy Playtime.
  3. Kouzelnik

    My slowly growing Neverborn.

    Thanks! Some stiched fellows.
  4. I'll post here some photos of my Neverborn friends, because of some beautiful lady decided to photosoot them.
  5. Collodi likes them very much.
  6. Kouzelnik

    Henchman Hardcore

    Today I played this one: Phiona- Leader. Extremely survavible with Franc's buff, can make bonus attack if Allison is here, can drop on enemy model condition for Wp. Francisco (Wade In)- tanky versus melee models. Allison Dade - Excellent auras, good debuffs, may push enemy from the centre, just gain Slow or simply do damage - not many Scheme markers on these format and Hound is a Guardsman. Can damage incorporeal models (I'm speaking about you, Nothing Beast). Guild hound-can score Turf, buffs Allison damage, can bite. I took a first place, it was tournament for 26 players, 4 rounds, and 4 wins.
  7. Kouzelnik

    Do you know who I am

    Just now it looks like in comparison with "Do you know who I am" Lady J's "Swordfighter" seems....pathetic. Poor blind girl.
  8. Good day! We have some models (for example, Bloodwretches), who have actions with effects "for the rest of this activation". What happens if this model performs this action out of its regular activation? (Obey,My Will, etc) And this - Collodi uses My Will to make a Bloodwretch perform (1)The Rage Builds. Then Collodi uses My Will again to make a Bloodwretch attack something. Will bonus from (1)Rage Builds still have an effect? Wording says "by the rest of THIS activation" and its surely still Collodi's activation. Thank you and excuse my English.
  9. Kouzelnik

    Collodi 101

    Yes, you are right, but we have a lot of lures in our meta and I was trying an illuminated roster ( without Lazarus, second stiched and so on)
  10. Kouzelnik

    Collodi 101

    Recently I'd a game against Lady J and lost only 1 model (Shadow Effigy, which was a sucker). I was testing this roster: -Collodi, cache 4 -Fated -Sturm the Threads -Threads of fate -Doppleganger -The Illuminated -The Illuminated -Beckoner -Stiched together -Mysterious effigy -Shadow effigy -Carrion effigy