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  1. I still have hope for old versions of Misery and Opportunist to return. Now this abilities are really to complicated and one of the main ideas of M3E was a bit simplying the rules. More than this, now Woes look nerfed compared to old version and I don't think they deserve it.
  2. I think it is bad and undeserved nerf. Misery now is almost useless compared to old version. And Pandora was always about dealing damage. Now ve have a strange and not needed trick. Opportunist is bad and, more worse, overcomplicated. Additional things to remember for me and opponnent, and I don't like the idea we must put a condition just to remove it for +flip. I don't like new Woes. Before this rework it was one of my two favorite crews. Now I just don't know why I will play them. Please return it all as it was before. Or make Misery like in M2E dealing damage for Wp duels.
  3. Midnight Stalker. Grootslang is a point waste for me. Stalker is cheaper, has a lot of protection and he CAN interact after Leap and usually he has 3 AP. Grootslang is a big clumsy model, difficult to hide, cannot Interact after jumps and has awful stats and no protection at all.
  4. I dont understand means really I don't understand, of course. I'm simply and old-schooled guy and I really prefer models with more strict specialization like beater/runner/supporter/debuffer. I prefer to think about schemes and not about how to use my own complicated models. If want to kill and run for 10ss, I'll add 1 and take Rider, If want to kill and tank - Teddy, If I want go for schemes - Madnesses, Sillurids and so on. It's just a matter of playstyle. May be you are right and I just must take a closer look at the Emissary. Of course, but at least now it's more complicated than "I take 10 cards and summon 5 Kentauroi". As I can say- no. But for me reason of this was I just have no this crew painted. On paper they look very interesting and good.
  5. I can kill it with some setup, but it takes preparations with more expensive models. For example, Hooded rider can do it, but ittakes about 3-4 actions and Rider costs 11. What do you mean about neverborn swaped?
  6. Or, and I must say one last thing. Really thank you Wyrd because M3E is really better than M2E. It's my opinion and opinion of our henchman and many other gamer friends. 1 - Less random. More tactical than random schemes. It surely makes the game better. 2. No stupid win-or-loose combos like Gremlin Francois on the Skeeter, Tara beastie Bomb, Victoria long rage assault, Nicodem drawing 10-12 cards and summoning 5-6 models and so on. So no such games like "I make a combo and if I flip good I win I flip bad I surrender". It's good for game. 3. Really better rules. Because it was much less questions and calls for henchman during play.
  7. Actually just put this link here.
  8. My thoughts about models now. It's only my opinion. I'm more of tournament player and won some of them (but really for last year it's possibly my first tournament because of some tireness with M2E rules and imbalance) so I'll try to judge only effectiveness. Neverborn Dreamer and his crew. I think it's overall OK. But: - may be Coppelius can be a bit harder or a bit cheaper. He is biting earth very fast for his expensive 9 stones. May be up for terrify or extra wound or df? - I don't like new Lucid dreaming. Too much random and deck shuffle. It's characterful and fun, but if change it to "you MAY" remove card from the game it can be better. Pandora. She's OK. But please return Opportunist back or make her ability about masks or defensive trigger more useful. For example, make it "after resolving". Because now we just can treat this ability as an empty space on her card. Or give her some other agressive and paranoid ability instead. Woes are OK. Maurice, Angel Eyes and Bloodwretch. Really I think this models are wasted. They are expensive and weak (esp. Angel Eyes). I will never hire them and I think my second opponent make a big mistake with it. Mysterious Emissary. I don't know meaning of this model. Especially in Neverborn, where 10ss slot has many good options. Not a damage dealer, not a very good at something for this price. Outcasts Parker. -I think it is a very characterful and effective crew. Pride. - Sad to say but I think this model is too good. It seems as auto-include now and I haven't seen any Outcast list without him. Midnight Stalker. -I still think he must be a bit more expensive or lose some ressistance. Because he is too almost auto-include. And.... Drowned. - It's off-topic but please, stop buffing Drowned. This model was very good for 6ss from very beginning, and he constanly is getting buffs. And uncharacterful buffs. Really, Combat Finess? Fat bloated rotten guy is master fencer with his anchor? he already has 7 wounds, Vengeance, HtW for 6ss. And Combat Finess.He is summonable, by the way. And has equal value to Stiched Together, just compare stats ot this models. We have a joke what in next updates Drowned just will eventually be a Master. That's all for now, thank you all guys. We had a first M3E Tournament in Europe.
  9. Today we had our first M3E tournament in Moscow, so I've played three games and now want to write some feedback. Forgive me but I can't provide all amount of information, but I'll try to do my best. I took the first place, Andre III was event henchman. I think he can provide forum names if needed. So a bit about games. 1. Pandora vs Greed Strategy - Reckoning Scheme List - Assasinate, Hold up their forces, Deliver a message, Claim jump, Vendetta Total Time Played - 2.45, Rounds Played- 3 Final Score 3-1 for me. Player 1 Kouzelnik Pandora, Zoraida, Poltergeist, Teddy, Kade, Hooded Rider I had 2 for strategy and 1 for Deliver a message. I also took Assasinate, because in fast tournament games is often better to have 1 point for 2 schemes before time stop. Player 2 - Guild Greed, Sloth, Pride,Wrath, Pale rider, Guild representative, Brutal effigy with emissary upgrade. He scored 1 for Vendetta. Difficult game, because of typical troubles with Crossroads 7 models. As my opponent said, "It's interesting because while you are playing with Crossroads, most of the time you are having fun looking how your opponent tries to think an solve this aura problems." We had game over at turn 3, at this moment I eliminated most of my opponent's crew and if we could use more time difference could be greater. 2. Dreamer Mirror Match Strategy - Turf war Scheme List - Breakthrough, Take Prisoner, Power Ritual, Assasinate, Deliver a message. Total Time Played -2.45, Rounds Played -5 Final Score 5-2 for me Player 1 Kouzelnik Dreamer, Chompy, Hooded rider with Reflexes, Teddy, Vasilisa, Mysterious Effigy, Coppelius I scored 3 from strategy, 1 for Deliver a message, 1 for Ritual Player 2 Dreamer, Chompy, Daydream with A. Pact, Bloodwretch with A.Pact, Maurice, Angel Eyes, Emissary, Bandersnatch He scored 2 for strategy Good game about positions and tactics, I think my opponent made some mistakes about crew hiring, because in other ways he was competent. 3. Dreamer vs Parker Strategy - Corrupted Idols Scheme List - Harness the Ley Line, Search the ruins, Dig their graves, Take Prisoner, Outflank Total Time Played 2-45 , Rounds Played 3 Final Score 4-1 for me Player 1 Kouzelnik Dreamer, Chompy, Hooded rider, Teddy, Coppelius, Daydream with A. Pact, Madness with A.Pact I got 2 from strategy, 1 for Search the ruins, 1 for Outflank Player 2 Ming Parker, Mitchell, Emissary, Sue, Bandido,Taelor, Pride, Midnight stalker He had 1 for Outflank Difficult game in final. Clever opponent and good choice of master for this pool. I needed to just sacrifice some models in excange for time and VP (Rider, Coppelius,even Dreamer). We stopped at end ot turn 3, I think if we had more time things could be worse for me, because I've lost 2 beaters and my master was almost dead.
  10. I think yes. M3E ia s very different game.
  11. As a Neverborn player, I'm very sad to lose three (!) masters in time. Especially because my most played masters were Collodi and Lilith. But does it really mean we'll lose all associated models like Illuminated, Beckoners, Tannen and Graves and so on? Can we expect that models like Hinamatsu, Vasilisa, Barbaros will be lost too? And yes, it's painful to get all my Puppet collection unplayable. Why really not to make dead/lost Masters tournament legal, If they will be balanced?
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