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Starting Misaki - Fine Choices?


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Hey looking to expand my Misaki crew. I have not played with her yet so very inexperienced.

I have the following models:

10T Brothers

Lone Swordsman

Misaki Box


Thinking about getting:

Low River Monks


Charm Warders

Katanaka Crime Boss


Would these be bad choices, would you rather reccomend something different? Also from what I can tell people do not consider the undying box to be very good, except for summoning the Katashiro. Is there something I have midunderstood about them?

Anyways greatly appreciate any help and thanks in advance!

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Charm Warders are the new OP.

Yamaziko at 6ss is a damn fine choice. LRM's are in almost all of my lists, though I haven't gotten my hands on Warders yet. Can't say if Monks would get "replaced", not that they do same things as such even though both are cheap support models.

Really can't go wrong with Warders and Yamaziko.


Mr. Graves is stapled onto my Misaki crews. His 6'' push and strong combat presence are key for how I like to play Misaki. Sensei Yu from Shenlong box is an alternative for a more expensive model (ss and $) with much improved push and much diminished combat abilities. Sensei Yu is better if you want to go for an all in alpha strike type of Misaki.

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Just played against a crew with Misaki and a Crime Boss. Misaki is largely independent from the rest of her crew - she’s a cruise missile that neglects direct support to other models and instead completes her own objectives (mainly eliminating enemy targets), so crew selection is more flexible - anything you take should work fine. 

I highly recommend Crime Bosses. Their “Lesson You Won’t Soon Forget” ability leaves enemies with the Fragile condition, making them easier to kill. They’re a good answer to enemy tanks like Guild Peacekeepers, Izamu, etc. that normally take a lot of damage and hold up the enemy due to Armour and larger numbers of wounds. 

Low river monks are valuable for condition removal and schemerunning. You may only run one of the three but the whole box in my opinion is worth it, unless you proxy. 


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