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Faux at the Forge 4: Autumn nights - October 14th SOLD OUT

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Good day Wyrdos,

The fourth Faux at the Forge event has a date and is now up. As always this will be hosted at Stormforge Hobbies and Games in Warrington (Unit 6, Linerva House, Milner Street, Warrington WA5 1AD), there is onsite parking and lunch will be provided (dietary requirements please get in touch with me here or the store through their contact page). The event will be 3 rounds using GG18, fixed faction and 50ss. The results will be submitted to the rankings so if you do not want to be included please let me know at the time.

The days schedule will be:
10-10:30 - Registration/welcome
10:30-12:45 - Round 1
12:45-1:15 - Lunch/Best painted vote
1:15-3:15 - Round 2
3:30-5:45 - Round 3
6 - Awards/raffle and goodbyes

Prize support will be provided by Wyrd and there will be trophies for the winner, best painted and the bottom player at a minimum, further awards/trophies will be given out based on numbers etc.

The event page on Facebook and the Tickets, there is a reduced ticket price until mid August to entice those early birds. We have space for up to 18 players.

Any questions please ask and as always thanks for the support

Paid entrants
1. Jonathan Cooper (paid)
2. Kevin Gillett (paid)
3. Cai Bird (paid)
4. Radek Bry (paid)
5. Simon Bloomfield (paid)
6. Daniel Vrsansky (paid)
7. James Crosby (paid)
8. Zed Strong (paid)
9. Paul Butler (paid)
10. Jason Fox (paid)
11. Emma Newham (paid)
12. Alyx Drake (paid)
13. Stuart Killoran (paid)
14. Danny Moss (paid)
15. Alison Whitfield (paid)
16. Matthew Jones (paid)
17. Luke Cocksedge (paid)
18. John Jordan (paid)


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Quick update regarding this event - interest is good with a lot of people looking into attendance (always appreciated), also the first few payees are on board. The juicy bit of the update - realistically this could well be the last m2e edition tournament I will run before m3e releases (obviously we don't know for sure but in the coming months we will find out). So because of this I am looking to make this the best event yet and go out with a bang.

As such I have some ideas that I am planning to make sure the m2e Faux at the Forge series goes out with a bang. These include:

Winners trophy plus medals for 2nd and 3rd
Best painted trophy
Favourite opponent trophy
The royal poop trophy (lowest positioned player)

I plan on this event having an abundance of prizes so that most people get something, each player will be given a single raffle ticket and additional tickets will be purchasable. The funds raised will be donated to charity (not decided yet but likely a mental health charity).

I am planning on each entrant getting swag, I am keeping this close to my chest for the time being and keeping it a surprise.

I hope this entices the taste buds a little and gets people eager to join in :)

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Quick update - we are mid-August with seven paid entrants and some more who have confirmed attendance but still need to pay. The trophies have arrived and can be seen here

I am currently in the process of confirming what will be in the swag bag but it is likely to be a foil card (faction based) and a measuring widget (amongst a few other things).

I have reached out to Wyrd to try and procure something special for the raffle alongside mystery boxes and some other things to be decided.

There was also some talk from the local players about doing a first master challenge, so only using the first master you picked up for the event. This will be optional of course and there is no pressure to do this but if enough people participate I will try and do something to commemorate the highest placed original master.

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16 hours ago, Tapdancer said:

Think I messed up the ticket buying process will sort it shortly 

Haha only you Paulo, technology and that 

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Plenty of time until this event but the reduced ticket cost is coming to an end within a week.

So far half of the tickets are sold with many more being picked up on payday.

Confirmed prize support for the charity raffle will be provided by Wyrd, Leodis games and Chimeric Designs (so far).

Swag is in the process of being manufactured :) 

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On 10/2/2018 at 7:59 AM, shakes1066 said:

Are the Strats and Schemes going to be released ahead of the event?

They will he posted this weekend matey :)

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Closing in on the event now

The encounters will be listed this weekend on here, Facebook and Twitter .

Also the charity raffle list will be up in a few days, hopefully there is something that everyone will be interested in and dip into that pocket for charity 

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The encounters for the day are as follows

Round 1
Standard deployment
Guard the stash
Guarded treasure
Dig their graves
Show of force
Set up
Take one for the team

Round 2
Corner deployment
Symbols of authority
Punish the weak
Covert breakthrough
Undercover entourage
Recover evidence

Round 3
Flank deployment
Surround them
Search the ruins
Take prisoner
Public demo
Hold up their forces

Enjoy :) 

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So we have massive prize support from Wyrd, Leodis games and Chimeric for this event. Rather than the usual raffle this is actually going to be a charity raffle for MIND - a mental health charity (https://www.mind.org.uk/).

Basically tickets will be £1 each and you will get to choose which prize cup to put it in, you can buy tickets in advance by sending a paypal gift to carl7lee@hotmail,com or on the day, if you paypal money across then let me know if you want to get the tickets on the day or what prizes you want the tickets going towards.

Here are the prizes and their corresponding numbers
1) Scottish GT fate deck
2) Rare Adepticon fate deck
3) Alternate Lazarus
4) Miss Deed (two available, you will one per ticket)
5) Alternate Titania
6) Alternate Kaeris
7) Alternate Firestarter
😎 Alternate Francisco Ortgea
9) Miss Step
10) Johanna
11) Alternate Witchling Handler
12) Translucent blue Rasputina crew
13) Translucent green mindless zombies
14) Solid pink Dreamer crew
15) Translucent green Kirai crew
16) Obsidian Statue
17) Paul Crockett
18) Hinamatsu
19) Benny Wolcomb
20) Neil Henry
21) Widget bundle (fast/slow/burning/poison/scheme/corpse/scrap/blast) and a 6/3/2/1 measuring widget)

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Massive thanks to everyone who attended, we raised a phenomenal £225 for charity.

1st Alyx Drake (solo Ramos)

2nd Jason Fox (solo asami)

3rd Radek Bry (outcasts)

best painted Zed Strong

favourite opponent Allie Whitfield

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