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The Good, The Guild and the Ugly. 29nd July 2018, 50ss Single Faction, Boards and Swords Hobbies, Derby

Cpt Sandwich

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The Good, The Guild and the Ugly is a 1-day tournament on Sunday 29th July 2018.

We will be using Gaining Grounds 2018 for strategies and schemes and will be a 50ss fixed faction event.

The venue is Board and Swords Hobbies, 3 Jubilee Parkway, Jubilee Business Park, Stores Road, Derby DE21 4BJ.

Tickets will be sold via the store website and will cost £15 each, we will provide a buffet lunch as part of the entry fee.  Hot and cold drinks can be purchased in-store.

Facebook Group


There will be trophies for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, best painted and most sporting.

The competition will be 3 x 2-hour 15-minute rounds, this includes 15 minutes of set up time.  Regular time updates will be provided and when time is called you will finish the current activation and complete any scoring.  The strategies and schemes will be predawn, the event will be on "Bag-o-Tools".



10:00 - Registration

10.30 - Game 1

12.45 - Lunch

13.15 - Game 2

15.45 - Game 3

18.00 - Prizes


Set your sat navs for 3 Jubilee Parkway rather than the store, they try to take you through the council works.  The venue is next door to “Yes Electrical”.  There is a large and free car park.

bash HQ.jpg


1. Tommy Brown

2. Alex Billing

3. Bert Diamond

4. Mike Elvins

5. Tristan Malone

6. Tristan Malone +1

7. Owen Barnes

8. Elliot John

9. Thomas Chapman

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Round 1

Corner, Public Executions, Eliminate the Leadership, Dig Their Graves, Show of Force, Public Demonstration, Recover Evidence.

Round 2

Standard, Symbols of Authority, Punish the Weak, Hold up Their Forces, Vendetta, Dig their Graves, Take Prisoner

Round 3

Close, Ours, Guarded Treasure, Public Demonstration, Undercover Entourage, Hold up Their Forces, Take Prisoner.


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The guy who runs the rankings got back to me and asked if 1) the results could be sent again to him, and 2) if he could get the factions everyone was running.

Tobias Dracup - Neverborn
AJ Barr - Gremlins
Tommy Brown - Outcast?
Declan - Arcanist?
Tristan Malone - Neverborn
Bert Diamond - Gremlins
Michael Elvins - Arcanist
Jay Malone - Ten Thunders
Elliot John - ?
Owen Barnes - Guild
Alex Billing - Arcanist
Thomas Chapman - ?

I could be wrong with the factions. If any of them are wrong, just update it and then either i or the TO can send them of to the rankings

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