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Can Root Skills and Endeavour Skills stack?


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On 12/29/2017 at 9:27 AM, iamthefly said:

If a fated learned a skill growing up, could they not further hone that skill if it became part of their career? 

I agree with this concept, so we've house-ruled that Endeavour ranks can stack onto Root ranks. If a Fated wants to be heavily specialised in something, they have to justify it, and they'll miss out on being more well-rounded.

I'm aware though that this breaks the mechanics, in that it's increasingly costly to raise a Skill in terms of XP, and this isn't taken account of in the number of Endeavour ranks available (since they're all intended to be new skills), so some kind of penalty needs to be incurred.

Maybe as you say, no Skill above Rank 3. Maybe it costs 2 Endeavour points to raise an existing Skill by 1. Maybe the Endeavour skill points are treated like XP, and it costs an amount equal to the current Rank to increase that Skill by 1.

Makes it costly, but that's the price a character pays for being a shut-in, practicing that particular skill day-in and day-out, right?

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