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Nikodemus bumbling through Ropecon 2017


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16 players faced off 29.7 in what was apparently biggest Malifaux tournament in Finland to date. Good showing from Turku, Pori & Helsinki, with individual participants from few other places. One guy came all the way from Latvia, had a fun chat with him after the tournament. This all happened a few days ago and I only took a few notes after the tournament, so expect minor errors in the retelling.

Game #1 Turf War, Standard
Claim Jump, Eliminate the Leadership, Dig Their Graves, Covert Breakthrough, Undercover Entourage

My crew (solo Marcus throughout the event):
-Marcus (5ss, 8 models) w/ Trail of the Gods, Feral Instincts, The Hunger Cry
-Myranda w/ Imbued Energies
-Rogue Necromancy w/ Imbued Energies
-Blessed of December w/ Pack Leader
-Arcane Effigy
-Malifaux Raptor

Opponent played:
-Seamus (7ss, 9 models) w/ Sinister Reputation, Mad Haberdasher, Red Chapel Killer
-Copycat Killer
-Madame Sybelle w/ Bleeding Tongue, Not Too Banged Up
-Dead Doxy
-Rotten Belle x2
-Night Terror

My schemes: Dig Their Graves, Undercover Entourage (Marcus)
Opponent: Covert Breakthrough, Undercover Entourage (Seamus)

Table had a river (severe, soft cover) running across the centreline with a bridge near either end, various forest, building and scatter terrain all over. I deployed Marcus, Myranda, Jackalope & Effigy to the left, Rogue Necro & Ronin centre and Blessed to the right. Opponent's Necropunk was across from Blessed & Ronin, rest were fairly centrally deployed. Turn 1 Seamus hopped over to my right where Blessed had positioned to eat the Necropunk next turn (which I soon remembered is a construct, so no repeat attack trigger).

Turn 2 started with a big scuffle on the right with Seamus, Blessed, Punk and even Dead Doxy joined in. Blessed took a beating but none were killed in that fight. Necropunk placed a scheme for obvious Covert Breakthrough and I moved my Ronin to maybe get to it turn 3. Rogue Necro slogged through the river to score strategy and took a shot at Night Terror, making it easy for Marcus to kill and score Dig out of it. Sybelle moved towards the Turf zone with two Belles, one of which lured and killed my raptor that had buried near there.

VP 2-1 (Both score strategy, I score Dig).

Turn 3. I paid for being careless with my Blessed who was down on his wounds and tried to eat some undead, but no such luck. Seamus apparently didn't want to waste his damage track on a few wounds and went off to hunt either Ronin or Rogue Necro, I forget as he didn't do much. Blessed faced an inglorius end when Nurse killed it with her massive dose trigger near end of the turn. Back in the centre, Rogue Necro continued slogging through the river (should've deployed it near a bridge, it'd be munching undead harlots by now). Marcus charged & killed Sybelle, after which I realized I'm an idiot by not putting a scheme marker down first. I got nervous I'd miss out a Dig point so Myranda burned Imbued Energies, walk+walk+interact, then summoned a Cerberus in range to kill a Belle for my second Dig Point. Necropunk and Ronin were dancing in the right and I was losing. Over the course of the turn Cerberus ended up taking 10 wounds from two Belles' attacks. Insane flips by the ladies, but kitty cat did its job.

4-2 (Both score strategy, I score Dig)

Turn 4. I think this was the final round. It was obvious my opponent had Breakthrough and highly likely Entourage on Seamus as well. I managed to charge Rogue Necro at Seamus and while I did respectable damage, he had his Haberdasher and heals to make it a non-issue. Too little too late in that regard. Effigy+Marcus got my third point for Dig while Necropunk had outran my Ronin by a large margin and dropped more Breakthrough markers. Doxie bailed Seamus out of my Rogue Necro. Both our masters were easily able to take a walk or two to score Entourage.

9-9 (Both score strategy, both score full Entourage, I score Dig and opponent scores full Breakthrough)

My opponent was a blast to play and Seamus is a fun master to fight. I did some unnecessary mistakes here and there. I relied too much on my Blessed on the right which allowed Necropunk to slip past. Rogue Necro didn't do enough due to wasting a few extra AP in the river, should've maybe deployed it alongside Blessed on my right. Marcus killing Sybelle before I had a scheme marker down was particularly embarrassing. All in all a fun game, if not my sharpest. Marcus is great to play with and Seamus is fun to play against, even though this game he didn't get too many good shots off.


Second one was against Math Mathonwy's Wong, who did his own battlereport of the event here:


Game #2 Headhunter, Flank
Claim Jump, Frame For Murder, Leave Your Mark, Show of Force, Last Stand

My crew:
-Marcus (6ss, 10 models) w/ Trail of the Gods, Feral Instincts, The Hunger Cry
-Blessed of December w/ Pack Leader
-Sabretooth Cerberus w/ Imbued Energies
-Arcane Effigy
-Corrupted Hound
-Corrupted Hound
-Corrupted Hound
-Malifaux Raptor

Opponent played:
-Wong (7ss, 9 models) w/ Ooo Glowy, Do over
-Francois LaCroix (Glowy) w/ Stilts
-Merris LaCroix
-Swinde-Cursed x2
-Stuffed Piglet x3

My schemes: Claim Jump, Leave Your Mark
Opponent: Claim Jump, Frame For Murder (Swine-Cursed)

This table was weird. A Maze. It was just ht3 walls making up rectangular rooms and hallways with doors here 'n there.

Turn 1 had me manoeuvre my hounds to a corner for Claim Jump duty, Merris popped over to them. Otherwise Gremlins advanced cautiously as I had long threat ranges. I didn't get my models up in his face either, there was no rush. Still, wk8 is a thing and Marcus managed to beast one of the swinecursed, give it +/+ attack/damage and Alpha'd it to charge a stuffed piglet, kill it and charge Francois with a trigger and use up its last AP to punch Francois some more. I flipped great for hits, poorly for damage, but I still inflicted a fair few wounds after heavy stoning.

Turn 2 I killed Merris with Cerberus and learned that instead of "few points of burning" she actually drops burning+4. Oh my. No biggie, I had the dogs remove a bit of burn off of each other to keep them alive. She also didn't have Frame, which I was afraid of. I had some Stuffed Piglets tying up my guys which was annoying. Gremlins were still keeping their distance apart from frame Swinecursed who tried wailing on Marcus to no great effect. He was tagteamed by Marcus & Blessed, and to my surprise it was framed. Didn't expect that after so many gloriously theatrical groans by my opponent during the beatdown process. Apart from Merris' and Swinecursed's demise, this was a fairly uneventful turn. Gremlins laid low and I tried sneaking up a Silurid and Cerberus as far up a flank as I could. I screwed up Claim Jump and failed to score it despite having 3-4 markers down due to stuffed piglets. Wong dealt a few wounds to my models with his scheme marker placement trick. I think Francois killed a Raptor this turn.

0-2 (opponent scored Frame)

Turn 3 I make a major mistake. Remember those hounds that I have sitting in a corner on one wound each? I pretty much let my opponent run a Stuffed up to them and blow up. Ouch. Three hounds down and my "guaranteed Claim Jump" went up in smoke. I also lost a wounded Silurid who was up one flank, to a Swinecursed going walk+walk+attack. Being the well balanced player that I am my eyes turned red and I wasted Marcus' and Blessed's activations wailing on Wong who didn't even die. I was a lot of scheme AP down and Gremlins were coming back from a demoralising early game. At least I got a head and managed to score Claim Jump from my previous markers. Someone picked up a head, I think Merris'.

2-3 (I score Headhunter, both score Claim Jump)

Turn 4 with so many AP down I get desperate and turn my Cerberus over to scheme mode and he drops a LYM up at a corner. Swinecursed pushes Fingers who then proceeds to convert my LYM scheme, much to my dismay. I think I wailed on Wong some more, but nothing much happened here. I think I had reached the tilting point. Effigy picked up another head from before, Merris or Swinecursed, while gremlins got my Silurid's head. Francois did Claim Jump like a champ. This was the final turn.

3-5 (Both score Headhunter, opponent scores Claim Jump)

This was a... I really enjoyed this game. I think I had a good list for it, picked good schemes considering table layout (Fingers was really limited here, I think), I just completely fudged it up on the table. It started strong but then I lost all my dedicated schemers and wasted AP smacking Wong around. Sometimes you get that bloodthirst you know. I need to work on it.


Tie and a loss. I figured only way from here is up.
Game #3 Interference, Close
Claim Jump, Accusation, Dig Their Graves, Recover Evidence, Tail'Em

My crew:
-Marcus (5ss, 10 models) w/ Trail of the Gods, Feral Instincts, The Hunger Cry
-Rogue Necromancy w/ Imbued Energies
-Sabretooth Cerberus w/ Imbued Energies
-Razorspine Rattler
-Arcane Effigy
-Corrupted Hound
-Corrupted Hound
-Corrupted Hound
-Corrupted Hound

Opponent played:
-Ophelia (3ss, 10 models) w/ Dirty Cheater, The Guardian Stone
-Young Lacroix
-Francois LaCroix w/ Teamwork
-Rami LaCroix
-Raphael LaCroix w/ Teamwork
-Merris LaCroix
-Slop Hauler
-Bayou Gremlin

There's more than 50ss there, I blame my bad memory of the specifics.

My schemes: Dig Their Graves, Recover Evidence
Opponent: Dig Their Graves, Tail'Em

This was another map with a river going along the centreline with a few bridge, with forest, houses & good amount of ht2 fences. I had Rattler & Hounds on the right, everyone else around the centre. Gremlins had Rami across from my Rattler,  small models on the other flank and big hitters in the centre.

Turn 1 my goal was to press early and press hard. With three Terrifying models to boot. Rattler moved up, provoking attacks from Rami & Raphael. Hounds advanced cautiously Other big beasts advanced under cover, Marcus went forward almost 8', far over 3' from any nearby beasts, and Alpha'd Francois for not much effect.

Turn 2 Gremlins won initiative and after some companion shenanigans had Marcus sleeping with the fishes. Classic example of overextension from me. And blind blood lust from my opponent, he lost any chance of scoring Tail'Em. All my terrifying models charged/leaped/slithered up the river in swift retaliation. Cerberus took a bite out of Ophelia, Rogue Necro killed a small model. Rattler took brunt of the wounds but all were left standing. Terrifying ate a lot of good cards from Gremlins. My Hounds snuck up behind the rattler, preparing to score my schemes. Between hounds swarming up, Gremlins being killed and my bigger models engaging 1-2 models each, I secured strategy for the turn.

1-0 (I score Interference)

Turn 3 Raphael & Rami score Dig out of Razorspine Rattler. Cerberus burns Imbued to Interact+Charge Ophelia for my Dig point. Rogue Necro ate something. Hounds planted a few scheme markers and took a few hits. It's starting to look bleak for Gremlins, despite me losing my master after his first activation.

3-1 (I score Intereference, both score Dig)

Turn 4 I pop Recover Evidence, mop up Gremlins, score a Dig somewhere in there while I lose a dog to opponent's Dig. Picking up 2-3 Evidence Markers this turn.

6-2 (I score everything, opponent scores Dig)

Turn 5 most rest of the Gremlins die. Very uneventful. Somehow I fail to score Dig.

9-2 (Interference 4, Recover Evidence 3, Dig 2 for me, Dig 2 for opponent)

Three terrifying models seemed to work here, though it wasn' the toughest list to go against so hard to say. Decent card drain either way. I like how well this performed without Marcus.

Really fun tournament, even if I underperformed somewhat. Can't win them all.

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15 hours ago, Nikodemus said:

Was my favourite game of the tournament (all were good!). I loved his face after that first turn Alpha:D

You did get me good there! I had forgotten that Alpha had a range (well, forgotten that it's range was more than 2") and you ordered the whole sequence very brutally. Especially since, for a brief hopeful moment I though that you were going to butcher my sucker with Marcus...

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