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Having trouble tying 2 Penny Dreadfuls together


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Hi all, 

As the title suggests I'm struggling to come up with a way to tie 2 Dreadfuls togather back to back. 

My group have just come out the other side of Northern Agression with a slightly wonky ending... basically they hijacked the train from the hijackers and used it to transport a good number of refugees back to malifaux instead of letting them for needlessly.

Seems like the perfect opportunity to tie in Night in Rottenburg. A safe haven (albeit with some uncouth defenders) for the refugee populace. 

Obviously Rottenburg has a very specific beginning....

Any suggestions on how I might change the start to fit the fact my Fated are leading a large group to a safe(ish) location?


Thanks in advance


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Could you perhaps have a little interlude of sorts where you set up for a slight change in the opening? I don't want to spoil things for people who aren't familiar with it, so you can feel free to PM to  bounce ideas off of. I'm going to have to transition from A Fire in the Sky to my own campaign for my group, so I understand transition woes!

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Thanks guys. 

@MasonI think I'll be doing just that cheers. A nice interlude where they can re-arm, visit a doctor and I can introduce Palmer and Smythe as members of the refugees. 

If I'd seen this thing coming I'd have put them in earlier at Ridley... but how do you plan for a spur of the moment decision like that?!  :lol:

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