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Chiwawa can't smell much weakness


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Something pretty dumb has just occurred to me guys. Its one of those things that seems so dumb its likely I've missed something - which I do. A lot.

McMourning's Zombie Chiwawa has:

(1) Smell Weakness  Ca6 blah - target gains the 'susceptible' condition for the rest of the game (losses immunity to poison). Sacrifice the noble Chiwawa.

The idea here is clearly to have some way of dealing with a single model in case you encounter an enemy crew that has teched against McM's crew's major mechanic, which the opponent can also potentially respond to by removing.

Several models have abilities relevant to poison (e.g. mithridization, embalmed etc.) but this is not immunity as they can gain poison and its 'ticking' has an effect, even if it is not necessarily damage. Marionette's a perfect match ability would also not be affected as I read it, as poison is gained and ticks normally.

Many more models/upgrades (coincidentally, the ones you would care about doing this to) just flat out ignore ALL conditions (e.g. nihilist, numb to the world, blood ward + warding runes, amalgamation etc.). This must also include the 'susceptible' condition.

After checking it seems the only models in the game (let me know if i've missed any) the 'susceptible' condition would have any functional effect on are:


Fermented River Monk

Monk of Low River


Doc Mitchell





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More like forgetting that all poison immunity comes from general condition immunity. It was probably supposed to work against Hamelin, Nix and A&D to not maje McMourning suffer against them but those models were designed in the wave after.

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