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Found 16 results

  1. Hello. Do the Incorporeal reduce damage suffers from Smolder, Immolate, Blood Poisoning, e.t.c.? Incorporeal reduce damage suffers from Attack Actions, but Actions like Immolate or Blood Poisoning make target suffer damage from Condition, not from Attack Action.
  2. Hey, Wyrdos! There are some models that have attack actions or triggers that say 'target suffers damage from the X condition'. In such cases, if that (extra) damage kills the target, is the attacking model or the condition that kills the target?
  3. I switched my character for a chemist and have a few questions about Alchemistry. I can use a compound with a (1) action, but let's say I use a poison to put it on my knife: How long does it stay ? 1 attack? until the 1st succesful attack ? until the end of dramatic time ? I also have a clockwork bow, wich have a 6 bolts clip, now let's say I use the poison on my bolts. Is 1 compound needed per bolt, or is it enough for the full 6 bolts clip?
  4. Something pretty dumb has just occurred to me guys. Its one of those things that seems so dumb its likely I've missed something - which I do. A lot. McMourning's Zombie Chiwawa has: (1) Smell Weakness Ca6 blah - target gains the 'susceptible' condition for the rest of the game (losses immunity to poison). Sacrifice the noble Chiwawa. The idea here is clearly to have some way of dealing with a single model in case you encounter an enemy crew that has teched against McM's crew's major mechanic, which the opponent can also potentially respond to by removing. Several models have abilities relevant to poison (e.g. mithridization, embalmed etc.) but this is not immunity as they can gain poison and its 'ticking' has an effect, even if it is not necessarily damage. Marionette's a perfect match ability would also not be affected as I read it, as poison is gained and ticks normally. Many more models/upgrades (coincidentally, the ones you would care about doing this to) just flat out ignore ALL conditions (e.g. nihilist, numb to the world, blood ward + warding runes, amalgamation etc.). This must also include the 'susceptible' condition. After checking it seems the only models in the game (let me know if i've missed any) the 'susceptible' condition would have any functional effect on are: Shenlong Fermented River Monk Monk of Low River Akaname Doc Mitchell ... ... ... WTF
  5. Hey guys! I've recently listened to the Yan Lo episode on Schemes and Stones and they mentioned a Sebastian + Yan Lo Combo. Yan Lo Lightning Dances a poisoned model into Sebastian. This model can suffer up to 6 dmg only from staying engaged with Sebastian. Are there some crew lists out there? Is this competitive in some way? Thank you!
  6. I have been seeing around the forums that you can make a soulstone damage prevention flip on poison damage. Where in the book does it say this? The poison blurb says that it cannot be reduced or negated. And the wording of damage prevention says, "player flips a card, which cannot be cheated, and reduces the damage according to the following table:" This came up in a recent game but unless there is an update drifting out there I could not make a compelling argument to my opponent that damage prevention is not reducing the damage because the word reduce is right there in the definition. Thanks for the help.
  7. Hi all, I wondered something about the timing on the Shadow Emissary's Aspect of the Dragon ability, specifically the ability that affects Poison damage (Dragon's Blood, I think it's called). My question is, is it possible that this ability does nothing, even if enemy models with poison are within the aura and in LoS at the end of the turn? Reasoning; Poison damage happens in the Upkeep step of the endphase. Aspect of the Dragon lasts until the Upkeep step of the endphase. Poison is a condition applied to enemy models, and as such falls under their timing for resolution. Aspect of the Dragon grants an ability to the Emissary, and as such falls under its timing for resolution. If the enemy models resolve their Upkeep step stuff first, the ability will work and the affected models will suffer the additional damage, but if the Emissary's crew resolves first, Aspect of the Dragon falls off before it can do anything. I'm not sure if this can happen (hence why I'm asking), but it seems rather a pointless ability if it only ever works half of the time, despite it being cast successfully and enemy models being within its aura and affected by poison. I think it can happen, depending on who is First Player during that turn, but I thought I would ask to be sure, since I'm good at missing minutae like this. Thanks!
  8. Okay, for example, I have a Carrion Emissary and Sebastian hiding behind his two Shard Markers. These markers are removed, per the rules on his card, at the end of the turn. Say I have two enemies in front of the shards, both with Poison. My question is, as I dont have the rulebook handy, in what order do End of Turn effects resolve? Do the markers fall off prior to Poison/Burning ticking? Or vice versa? Or simultaneously? If simultaneously, are they then also affected by Sebastians aura of adding +2 damage to poison ticks if they are within range?
  9. Hi everyone, I had an odd situation come up today involving Leveticus. His last anchor (Johanna) was poisoned and down to her last wound. We were done activating and went into the clean up step with Leveticus buried. What the question comes down to is when is the "end of Turn", is it at the end of activations or after the End phase? The rule on the Hollow Waif reads as follows "At the End of the Turn, if a friendly Leveticus model is buried..." We assumed that the "end of Turn" was after the clean up phase (thus Johanna died to poison and Leveticus couldn't come back) but I just wanted to clarify to confirm. Thanks.
  10. Nicodem's upgrade, Shadow Embrace gives him the ability, Welcoming Pain, which says when a friendly model would suffer damage the Poison condition they heal 1 damage instead. Embalmed says something similar: when this model would suffer damage due to the Poison condition, instead, it heals 1 damage. Does Shadow Embrace stack with Embalmed? For example, when my flesh construct would take damage from poison, would it instead heal 2 damage?
  11. Most of what I hear or read on the Brewmaster covers him as a gremlin master or very heavily working with his gremlin models. I wanted to know if there is a way to have him work in a ten thunder army and run him gremlin light? What 1 or 2 models from the gremlins are worth looking at? Is effective with no gremlins at all? Some non-Bata models that can deal with poison are: Fermented River Monks Dawn Serpent Torakage Yin Sensai Yu Have anyone played the Brewmaster with those models?
  12. Hello, Today I was playing against a Collodicrew with my Marcus Crew and we came across a question about his marionettes: Poison counters do one damage at the end turn upkeep portion. The marionettes have an ability that states that they reduce damage done via condition by 1. Most things with similar abilities stipiulate "to a minimum of 1", but this one does not. Is this correct? Because that pretty much makes it immune to Poison. Thanks in advance for the input!
  13. Can Armor+# reduce the damage dealt by Mcmourning's expunge Ca. Or does it follow the same rules as in the book, where if taking damage from poison it is not reducible. Thanks for your help in advance.
  14. The Hungering Darkness is a Totem, which are normally, Insignificant; however, he is not. Can he receive upgrades? If so, does he suffer from the limit of two upgrades, like a Master or Henchman? Or does he count as a Minion, able to gain any number of upgrades? [So far, we've played that he can get upgrades, and, let me tell you, HD with From the Shadows (due to 10T's Infiltrate) and Spirit is kinda potent.​] ----------------------------------- All weapons?! Or just Melee weapons? [I'd hate to see a sniper or a pigapult gain poison 2 on ranged weapons.] ------------------------------- Can Henchmen lead crews in Campaigns? If so, does their usual cap of their Henchman pool affect their total stones for the entire campaign, or can they use the Increase Soulstone Pool rule to go up the the 8ss total as well? [We're seeing a definite disadvantage to VonSchill only having his 4ss every game.]
  15. Okay this is pretty pedantic but it's potentially important! The poison errata currently states (emphasis mine): "When a model is hit by an attack with Poison # or affected by an Ability with Poison #, increase the number of Poison Tokens the model has to the # indicated either after resolving the attack, or as indicated by the Ability. Each time the model begins an activation it suffers 1 Wd per Poison Token it has, and then discards one Poison Token." The way I read this, is that it takes each Poison Token causes 1 Wd individually. Thus, something with Object 1 that has 2 Poison Tokens on it would take 2 Wds when it activates. Similarly, a model that is Hard To Kill with 2 Wds remaining that has 2 Poison Tokens on it would die when it activates - the first Poison Token would cause 1 Wd, reducing it to 1 Wd, and then the second Poison Token would cause 1 Wd, reducing it to 0 Wd, killing it. Now, if the intent is that it that it is all applied in one go, the bit I've highlighted in bold should probably be worded differently to make this clear. Perhaps something along the lines of "Each time the model begins an activation, it suffers # Wd, where # is the number of Poison Tokens it currently has, and then discards..."
  16. When Coppelius uses his build-in trigger 'Slumber' does the model recieving paralyzed still get the poison? Or more to the point, is giving poison considered damage?
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