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New player, purchase advice needed.


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Hey there! Newbie here not sure what to buy! I'm wanting to play Neverborn/ten thunders so I picked up the Lynch crew first. I also really love the look of the lord chompy bits box (dreamer box?), and the queen returns. I'm not sure if some of these units can be used interchangeably or not. Any purchase advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks everyone!

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So I too recently started playing Malifaux and grabbed Jakob Lynch too. From the little experience I have, I'd recommend the Doppelganger for sure, she can do anything you cater her too. Beckoners are a good choice, I sometimes find them a little underwhelming, but they've payed of a few times for sure :D The same with Mr Graves, he can make Lynch more mobile with his push, whilst also being a pretty durable beater to help out Huggy. 


Ten Thunders are also great, due to their henchmen. 10T brothers are great scheme runners too, as you can help them become more survivable, by dropping and ace of a certain suite, before picking it back up :D Yin can produce Horror Duels and can go around with Huggy, or you could use Samurai for Ace fishing. Sensei Yu is also amazing, because he an push, give Lynch and other models fast and just be a versatile model. 

I hope this helped, sorry about the lack of Dreamer advice, I haven't played or looked at his rules yet. :D

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As a player invested into Ten Thunders and now branching into Neverborn, I'd like an answer on the following question: which playstyle are you looking for?


Neverborn are in general not that special when it comes to movement, save a few models. Ten Thunders on the other hand take it to the next level as their entire faction is based around movement and pushes.

If you are undecided on the playstyle, I would suggest the following models:



  • Beckoners: You can bring these as well into the Thunders with Lynch thanks to his "Darkened" ability. They do not push like the Thunders do, but they instead lure models to you. Nothing more fun than using 2 lures into a fast Hungering Darkness (Huggy) to rip them a new one.
  • Stitched Together: can also go in the Thunders thanks to Lynch. They are high-risk, high-reward though and need a bit of experience on when to use them properly. I find them stronger in Neverborn due to Neverborn having more nasty things that can burn the opponents hand than the Thunders do.
  • Doppleganger: works with every Neverborn master and can be considered a staple in several crews. I don't have this model yet, but being able to cheat Initiative with Lynch can be rather frightening. First-activating lynch and blasting the opponent for 6 damage can catch people off-guard and cripple them severly.

Ten Thunders

  • Ten Thunders Brothers: Probably the best all-round model in the entire faction. It only lacks damage, but can be an incredible tarpit for only 5 soulstones. It can also complete Claim Jump solo if you get the trigger on his (0) action. Rather easy though, as Lynch can let you keep the ace forever.
  • Shadow Emissary: his (0) action could give a potential card draw and Lynch loves extra cards in his hand. Can also discard an ace (and get it back, thx Lynch) to start with Focussed +2, so 1 attack will hit and do a nice amount of damage. He has a (1) action that pushes and gives fast, but this is only to a model with an upgrade that costs more than 0 stones. I have felt this as rather limiting, but YMMV.
  • Shenlong's box for Sensei Yu: pushbot 9000 giving fast. Unlike the Emissary, he can give it to anyone and push a model up to 12" in a single turn AND give it fast as well. He does lack offense, which the Emissary ha a lot more of.
  • Samurai: I've not used these guys as I don't have them, but they allow Lynch to clear the deck crazy fast and get those aces in his hand. Their damage is also respectable, but their main draw in Lynch is a card cycling mechanic


Now some more about Dreamer and Titania.


I haven't played Dreamer yet (sold out in all stores), but I have read up a lot about him and practiced some shadow-matches proxied against my other crews. It would be fair to say that the Dreamer is still one of the top masters of Neverborn. You can bring only him and his models (big list) to a tournament and expect to do well. This is due to him being a summoning master which allows him to be more forgiving. Got a model killed? Summon another one. Dreamer becomes stronger the longer the game goes on as he almost auto-wins a war of attrition. Even if the opponent kills 2 models per turn and you kill 1, you can just sommon back 2 models each turn and get an activation profit of +1 just for playing Dreamer. Starting turn 3, you will almost guaranteed out-activate your opponent, which opens up a window for a whole lot of pain and misery.

So what is the downside to getting the Dreamer? The main one is the cost in $$$. As he is a summoning master, you will need his summons to get the most out of him. Getting most of them could cost you close to thesame as getting 2 different crews completely. The other downside is that he does require some careful positioning and perhaps some game experience. I do think downside 2 is less of a worry for you as you already have some experience with Lynch.



My friend has Titania and I will say she also feels like a top master in the right hands, but not at thesame level as Dreamer. Titania thrives on schemes and strats the require a small area of the board so she can litter it with scheme markers and bring the pain that way. She has the 3 Autumn Knights in her box, which are pretty fantastic for their cost, reaching even Illuminated standards. Do note Illuminated are probably still a better fit for Lynch, unless you're planning on running Rougarou + Tooth combo. Then again, any crew can run that combo.


Combining crews

You also asked how well these crews can be combined. Unfortunately, most Neverborn masters are rather stand-alone. You probably won't mix any of their crews, unless you can find some sort of cheesy combo such as Rougarou + Tooth. The Dreamer works mainly with his nightmares, but his starting crew can be whatever he wants to feel safe enough to start his summoning spree on Turn 1. I don't really know how well Titania mixes and matches, but I also feel she works best with at least 1-2 Autumn Knight(s) and perhaps the Emissary for even more zone control.



I do hope some more experienced Neverborn players chime in on this as I've mostly played Ten Thunders and only recently started to switch to "The Dark Side".

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I wouldn't branch into the Dreamer just yet, but would recommend Lilith or Titania. Both masters have very good minion models that are used in a lot of crews, and both can enjoy the occasional Illuminated. As far as supporting Lynch goes, you need Mr. Graves and Changelings. The insane mobility that will give your crew is well worth it. Also, doppleganger. I personally wouldn't recommend beckoners or stitched with anyone but collodi, as the stitched have no synergy with Lynch and it is always a struggle to get a beckoner to pull it's weight. 

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I would suggest playing with what you have, and seeing what you feel you are missing. There is no right order to buy things, it will change from player to player

The Dreamer box is not a great box for anyone except playing as the Dreamer, as the Alps are insignificant peons so rarely wanted, so for most other masters you are only getting Coppellius from the box. But the dreamer will be happy with models like illuminated and Auterm Knights in his crew. 

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