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Obliterate and Trigger Glimpse the Void in Friendly Model


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im thinking about a tactical move with Outcast Models. So lets try if i checked it correct.


in case of use Obliterate against a friendly Model, the defending Model can relent. So the attack flip is tied and has all Modifikation on the Damage. After that he Takes this damage of Course.

the friendly attacker will now use Glimpse the Void. So now them friendly defender have to pass a WP Fuell agaianst a TN 13. 

and here is the question.

Can the defending Model now Relent the Single Wp Duel for automatical loose or have to Cheat low in this case.

thx for your help


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3 hours ago, Durza said:

Make sure you have a card to cheat down, I've tried this with a hand full of high cards and flipped too high, it really screwed up my plans that turn. 

I to have done this many times. I will now stone for cards and purposely keep a low card that can fail the WP duel. I also generally run the emissary so if I fail the WP duel without cheating I have another use for the low card.

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