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Reva and Her Upgrades

10T Simon

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Hi All!

I've recently started playing Ressers after about a year Playing my Ten Thunders. I've started with Reva and I'm really enjoying her play style. I've got two 50ss games in and they've been a lot of fun (1 draw and 1 win last night)!

One thing that I've been struggling to figure out is how to get the best of Reva's upgrades. At the moment most of her Reva specific ones are coming across a little underwhelmingly...

I've been running her with DECAYING AURA and I've been  happy with it. For me it's gonna be one or the other and I kind of like the min damage 4 that I'm getting quite often on the crow trigger. Is there a solid case for Litany over Decaying Aura?


In my last game I used GUISES OF DEATH and with Bette the Corpse far up the field was a great disruption. We were playing guard the stash. Not sure it;s gonna be super useful all the time but I reckon it's one I'll certainly consider. The extra activation or AP drain on my opponents makes sense for me and seems good value for 1SS.


I'm struggling to see value in Beyond Death. Reva is generally in my backfield while Yin, Bete and the shield bearers keep my opponent buys in the midfield.


BLOOD MARK looks nice but it just always seems like I'll have better things to use Reva's AP for and with the carrion Emissary my crew is not too slow. It could be quite useful to push my fresh corpse candles up field but it seems pretty corner case.


I've been predominantly going into games with only a cache of 4 and I usually have room for 3SS of upgrades on Reva due to the rest of my crew generally coming out at 47SS

Please let me know your thoughts on the upgrades and their value/usefulness and if there are maybe any tactical nuances I'm totally missing out on...



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I Consider Bloodmark to be her most useful upgrade when we had GG16 as it allowed you to push models out of engagement to remove the VP scoring conditions. There is also an incredibly situational and very hard to pull off trick which could be worth it in the right circumstance:

Starter positions
Killyjoy is buried,  Corpse Candle within 10" of Reva.

Reva's Activation: Summon a candle within 8", Blood Mark one of the Candles to push 5" and perform its Zero to kill itself. Choose Death Omens and force a discard on an enemy. Out pops Killjoy.

Blood mark the other candle, push to within 8" of Killjoy and perform its zero - picking Blind Sacrifice and targeting Killjoy. You now get to draw/discard a card and accomplice into KJ and Reva has a 1 and a 0 left and hopefully two markers close enough to the enemy to give them a cheeky wallop with the scythe.

The reason it requires BOTH candles is that Killjoy will not be on the board at the point in time the first Candle dies so cannot be the target of blind sacrifice.

Guises - I find this to be superior to Beyond because of the candle placement. You can select your battle ground, and hover round the scoring zones if its Turf War etc... or you can go hyper aggressive and deploy the candle in their deployment zone if you are running Killjoy or some other buried threat. Remember that the candle only has to be 8" away from an enemy; it doesn't say anything about deployment zones.

Litany - I use this if Arcanist are declared to make sure I get the 3 damage through, because I don't want to sacc the corpse marker I am using to hit through to make the damage higher to get round Armour +1. Otherwise I tend not to take this upgrade too much

Decaying Aura - I don't use Reva to go after SS users because I don't think Ca 6 is reliable enough to hit for moderate/severe unless their is a real mis-match in numbers. you'll often be on :-fate so looking at 3 damage. 

I don't ever use both because I don't think her damage track is worth a 4ss investment to keep it at 3/4/5 or 4/5/6 but at the loss of the marker you are targeting through (or indeed, another marker, which then reduces the opportunity to attack different targets) 

Beyond Death - I've used this once in Close deployment and having Reva as my Frame for Murder Target it worked (but only for 2 VP) and my opponent was fretting about being tied up in engagement ranges but I think you can see from my earlier comments that my playstyle with her tends to see her sat back and moving my stuff around and bullying minions rather than getting stuck in.


My Reva will usually be rocking Guises and Bloodmark - everything else is optional.

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1 hour ago, verpixelt said:

@Kogan Style as a general FYI the Corpse Candle can target itself with The Essence Remain bc it's a tactical action and due to the way actions get resolved

yes... it could target itself for the Ancestral Visage I suppose, but if the candle hasn't moved close enough to an enemy by this point you wouldn't want to be popping out Killjoy.  

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27 minutes ago, Kogan Style said:

yes... it could target itself for the Ancestral Visage I suppose, but if the candle hasn't moved close enough to an enemy by this point you wouldn't want to be popping out Killjoy.  

yep, Ancestral Visage and Blind Sacrifice :) It was more meant to be a general FYI, talking about Corpse Candles and their The Essence Remains action. Was theorycrafting a few weeks ago and did run into that.

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So @Kogan Style what upgrades do you actually take on her then, besides Guises? Do you have any auto includes?

I can see the value with Litany vs Arcanists, I had thought about that. I'd also never bother both Litany and Decaying Aura.

I've had some luck with decaying Aura in the first few games, especially coupled with focus, but it's certainly situational...

I'll give Bloodmark a go next game if the schemes and strats pan out for it and see what value I get out of that... Just figure I'd rather be attacking 9 times out of 10...

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I love taking litany, Decaying Aura and beyond death. Throwing her into the enemy crew, covering huge distances and posing a huge threat to important models is my favorite use for Reva.

In my meta a lot of people use crutch models they rely on and a there is a lot of shooty crews around. In another meta I see where the aggressive upgrades are not that useful because you often spend points you don't use. 

I have tried blood mark and guises and both have their uses. I also liked Maniacal Laugh and/or spare parts on her but these upgrades don't fit my playstyle that well. 


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I have found Reva to be great for Master hunting, I have yet to not kill a Master with her. Because she can target Wp or Df she can target the weakest stat. I know there are some Masters she has a disadvantage targeting; Perdita and Pandora come to mind. Being able to get around Df and Wp triggers is huge too. At min damage 3 and no prevention with decaying aura any master will be in a world of hurt in most cases, if not dead.

I have had few games with Reva probably 10 at this point, and find Blood Mark is used at least once during her activation. Being able to use a (0) on a spirit or revenant model has been great. With Trigger to be able to attack through them is situation and can be quite good. I like taking Dasuba with spirit whispers, so he can summon 2 seishin a turn (or 3 with My Little Helper) or have her can start to hand out walks to other spirits.

I have yet to take Litany however, I do take Decay. I like to take Vincent and while his (0) requires a suit, I usually have the card or a stone to make it happen. I will try switching decay with litany at some point. 

Lastly I like Guises as the corpse candle placement after determining initiative is great, almost guarantees they will be safe till you get a chance to activate them. Having a corpse near there deployment is great and can really dictate how they will move up the board as they do not want to be near that corpse when Reva activates.

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