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  1. Wifstrand


    Aaron, what's the estimated price point for a setup like that?
  2. Wifstrand

    Do you know who I am

    I hope it turns out to be worth playing Seamus for. At this point, I'll take anything that actually gives Seamus table time... I'm cautiously optimistic
  3. Wifstrand

    Which summons are necessary for Horror Molly?

    I've got 5-6 games under my belt with Molly, and so far I've focused on summoning Punk Zombies for melee, Drowned for scheme markers, and her totem to tie up enemy models. Once or twice I summoned a Rotten Belle just because I had the specific card.
  4. Wifstrand

    Rate our Masters

    I played Seamus over the weekend at Adepticon, and at every turn, I just thought to myself "I wish I had taken this other master instead", for all the reasons listed here.
  5. Wifstrand

    Random question for all summoning masters...

    Yeah, Phillip and the Nanny does what you want for just 8 SS. You can give him up to two upgrades, though. I prefer Haunting Cries and My Little Helper, so 9 SS. Much better than paying the 12 SS for the two Bloodwretches! I almost always use two Necropunks with Phillip. They deploy within 6 of him, then drop a scheme each, leap, and drop another scheme. Phillip will be set for a while, and can just hang back and cycle cards for me.
  6. Wifstrand

    Arcanist against Reva

    I've pulled some nasty stuff on @sinistercats with my favorite master, Reva. And yes, I agree - it's all in your head. Accept the fact that I will most likely kill at least a thing a turn, and make sure to try to dictate WHAT I get to kill. Do not rely on Soulstones or armor as an Arcanist, as I will take the necessary upgrades to ignore both if my opponent declares Arcanists. As someone else said, don't go all out on corpse removal, as I can generate enough to get by and then some. Definitely try to remove a few from a key area you need to be in, but it won't be possible to remove all of them. And take the fight to Reva as fast as possible. Myranda shapeshifting into a Blessed of December is not a bad idea I had that happen to me once, and I lost Reva. It was early in my Reva career.
  7. Wifstrand

    Ressers Henchman Hardcore?

    I will be trying out @Fetid Strumpet and @Gnomezilla's lists tomorrow evening. Very excited!
  8. Wifstrand

    Ressers Henchman Hardcore?

    Thanks for the tips. I did buy both the Graveyard Spirit Jaakuna Ubume a while ago and haven't had the time to use them. Might as well be in HH! Thanks, guys. @Gnomezilla Mother of God, I forgot about Vincent and the Shieldbearers. I should give that a try! It's a little spammy imo, but it sounds like a ton of fun!
  9. Wifstrand

    Ressers Henchman Hardcore?

    How does that work out? How do you use each piece? What are the list's strengths and qeaknesses in your experience?
  10. We're doing some HH soon. Any tips? I haven played much of that format, but I'm thinking Valedictorian or Toshiro, a Punk Zombie, a Dead Doxy (to push the Punk Zombie, then maybe a Rotten Belle. Thoughts? Tips?
  11. Wifstrand

    Collodi 101

    Collodi - Fated - Strum the Threads - Threads of Fate Marionette x2 Illuminated Stitched Together Mysterious Effigy Arcane Effigy Brutal Effigy Hodgepodge Effigy Shadow Effigy Mannequin 4 SS left, 7 SS cache Thoughts? Too fragile? I'm considering just putting another Marionette in there, but a 4 SS cache is a little low for my usual taste. I could replace one Effigy with a Stitched, or the Stitched with another Illuminated. I love, love, love the Effigies. I think they're great just because they're cheap, somewhat durable, and can really tailor Collodi's crew with their buff. Depending on what I need in a given moment, I'd use the Brutal Effigy's buff as the primary buff to use (to get Fast for 2 damage then hopefully heal it back up). If I go for a lower cache, I'd use the Hodgepodge's buff one turn to try and recover some stones. If I absolutely need to kill something, I'll go for the Arcane's Burning buff. Either I kill a vital target, or I kill their hand to avoid Burning damage. Win/win.
  12. I would never have thought about that myself. Suddenly my old metal Rogue Necromancy jumped to the top of my build queue!
  13. Wifstrand

    Help with this scheme pool?

    Necropunks are great for Stake a Claim. Get in position, put down a counter, then leap away to place a counter next turn. That's the gist of it.
  14. Wifstrand

    Terrain Lilith Crew Thoughts

    You can't hire the Voodoo Doll as it is Zoraida's personal totem. Not even Collodi's Puppet Friends overrides this.
  15. Wifstrand

    Reva and Her Upgrades

    If only we could give Reva Recalled Training. ... what?