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New to Rats! (and Outcasts)


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So I have a Perdita team that I have played a couple games with, but thats it.  I took advantage the other day of a flu season special at one of my local LGS and picked up The Plague Cometh and Brotherhood of the Rat as a combo deal.  I also just added on Winged Plague because they look like they go together.

As I'm building these up.... there are 12 rats total that I now have, but only 4 sculpts and 4 unique card images (3 of each).

Has anyone figured out a good way to differentiate the rats and cards so that if you have multiples of one sculpt on the board, that you dont get confused between which rat goes to which card?

Best I can think of now is do 4 rats in grey, 4 in dark brown, etc or sometjing like that, but I would still have to mark the cards.... not sure how much I like that yet.

Any good ideas?

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How many rats and rat kings do you guys typically use at one time in a game?  Right now I have 12 rats and 2 rat kings.  Is that enough?


Also... wouldn't Hannah be a good option to add to the army?  Aside from the obvious thematic issues, she seems like a good option because she can copy Bleeding Disease from either Nix or the Obedient Wretch if Nix is out of range?

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I've only used Hannah once with Hamelin, not because she's bad but because she competes with other 10SS models that I need more. Her highlight was burying Ulix, resulting in a turn of the pigs not doing much.

In terms of rats, since I focus only on summoning them in order to produce Rat Kings (I love Rat Kings) it's rare for me to have more than four rats on the board at one time, rare but I have gotten up to five or six at points. I have had three Rat Kings on the table at one time. I use Wyrd's Twisted Apparitions (can usually be found on eBay) on 40mm bases to represent extra Kings. Considering that's 24 stones of models I didn't start the game with, that's not bad.

A nasty trick is to use Pipes with The Plague upgrade to draw an enemy model into range and hit the trigger to give them Blight, then Obey a nearby Rat King to charge them as a 1AP action.

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Hamelin was my first Master coming into Malifaux, and has always been my favorite. I'm glad to see interest in him.

I have never once felt like I needed Hannah. I'd recommend getting Killjoy instead if you're looking for an expensive model. But if you're looking for something more tricksy, I'd recommend running a Friekorps Specialist for his tactical action that can remove slow from your summoned models. It's a 1 action that Hamelin can Obey and get off without requiring an additional card. A fun trick is to make a Stolen or two with Hamelin, then make Hamelin Obey the Specialist and do the tactical which will kill the Stolen, then enemy models within the Stolen's aura have to pass a few TNs or get paralyzed. It's a solid way for the crew to eat at your opponent's hand.

Edit: as for the rat problem, I've personally never found it to be much of an issue due to the fact that there are four poses for the rats, and you're usually making a rat king out of the bare minimum of four rats. So either position them properly, or when you're summoning rats, just check to see what poses are nearby. This isn't foolproof, but it helps a lot and it's easy enough to track the few times you'll have the same posing rats next to each other.

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