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  1. Gotcha. Ok cool. Thanks for the clarification!
  2. Ah! Thank you for that. I actually already have Crooligans. Kind of awkward that I am forced to buy more to get Archie... not sure about that boxing scheme. That works though, at least I know what's up with him now, thanks!
  3. So sorry if this has been discussed in the past, but I literally just found a group that plays and put in my first 3e order on Black Friday! I picked up Brine & Bones, and was hoping to get hold of Archie to go along with his hat. I can't find him anywhere! He seems to be out of stock and isn't even listed on the Wyrd webstore anymore. Is this potentially just a 3e reboxing?
  4. Yes, I came here curious about Black Friday order shipping as well, mine still shows unfulfulled and I haven't received a shipment notification. Sounds like I am not alone. I shall give it a few more days before I start to get worried.
  5. So I recently discovered Breachside Broadcast, and have been enjoying the heck out of it. The first bunch of episodes cover the period of the three books of Malifaux 1.5... I just finished the section for Rising Powers and now am on Twisting Fates. My question is this... are the stories in the books different than the ones read on the Broadcast? Because I notice that the 3 old books are availavle on DriveThryRPG at a pretty low price, and if there are more stories I will pick them up, but Im worried about spending the money and finding out they are the same stories... Any insight?
  6. Alt Bishop takes offense at your claim that alt models can't have static poses.
  7. I have no idea, but it is down. I guess I just need to wait a while until it gets put back up then with the other cards.
  8. I went on today to order the GG2017 deck from WGV and it no longer appears. 2016 is still up, but 2017 was taken down? Can anyone else confirm or provide insight?
  9. Maybe jumping the gun, but I think Zipp's Up and Away attack (whatever its called) should be limited to once per turn. His gun is good, but being able to move 2 or 3 models an activation while avoiding all Df triggers seems a bit much. I think the Mercenary list should be trimmed down and thinned out. There are just too many merc options, and some make hardly any sense, like Burt or even Performer. They just seem like faction advantages that should stay faction. Badge of Office should prevent damage, not reduce... too many things deal damage which cannot be reduced for this to be
  10. @Fetid Strumpettoo much text to quote, but that was very informative! I had no idea about the control hand issues. I can certainly see how that will be important. Thank you for that! I'm not planning on playing competitively any time soon, I'm still just enjoying learning the game. Someday I will pick up the Nurses, probably with McMourning. I hadn't really done the research when I bought stuff, or maybe I would have already grabbed that. I was surprised about the belles, and how you recommend two instead of 1 belle and 1 doxy. I guess I always just heard that they synergiz
  11. Yeah as I get models painted I can have flexibility, so the fixed list is really just a starting point. Thanks for the feedback! I forgot about the summon, so yeah I need another belle or doxy also, apparently.
  12. I picked up a Seamus crew box and some assorted additional models and I really would love to try him out. I have to prioritize assembly and painting so I thought Id see what suggestions people have. My idea for a crew with models I own looks basically like this: Seamus Copycat Madame Sybelle Rotten Belle x1 Dead Doxy x1 The Hanged x1 Crooligan x1 Bete Noire The rest of the SS on upgrades. I also have in my collection the Valedictorian & Students, Anna Lovelace, Nico's crew box, and Necropunks, but I would assemble and paint these late
  13. I would absolutely pick up this new Lazarus as a purchase or monthly promotion reward. Guilders aren't an option for me, so I hope it doesn't go that way.
  14. This is so cool. The bases really tell a story and are something to be proud of. Honestly... I'd be too afraid to actually game with them! lol. Well done sir, well done indeed.
  15. How many rats and rat kings do you guys typically use at one time in a game? Right now I have 12 rats and 2 rat kings. Is that enough? Also... wouldn't Hannah be a good option to add to the army? Aside from the obvious thematic issues, she seems like a good option because she can copy Bleeding Disease from either Nix or the Obedient Wretch if Nix is out of range?
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