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[H] Arcanists [W] Outcasts


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Hey guys,

Stealing this topic, to continue my never ending cycle of trades ;)

I have some sweet Arcanists I am looking to trade on:

Collette Crew - Well painted

Coryphee (2x Single 1x Duet) - Well Painted

Angelica - Well Painted

Arcane Emissary - Well Painted

Sandeep Crew - Unpainted but built

3 x Wind Gamin - Unpainted but built

I am looking to trade for any Outcasts - I have Levi and Vics, but VS or Parker, Misaki... Any of these would be really cool!

Also I am looking for basically any and every solo model

Thanks for looking


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Reusing the thread for more trades
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14 hours ago, daniello_s said:

Would you be happy to sell it piecemeal? i would be happy to snatch Rogue Necromancy (is it plastic or metal?).

And if you happen to have Peacekeeper as well (plastic) then I would be jumping for joy.

Are you based in UK or across the pond?


Indeed I would be happy too! I am based in the UK.

And it is plastic! Sadly I can't find a peacekeeper :(

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I've got a metal Von Schill crew that I'd part with, if you're interested? The crew models are all virtually the same sculpts as the plastic, but Von Schill himself looks a bit different. There's no Librarian, sadly - i got these models in trade myself - but there are two Freikorp Trappers (the original box only had one), which is a bonus. 

All are painted to tabletop standard.

I've managed to grab a plastic Steam Trunk to "modernise" the crew, and it's unpainted.

Let me know if this is of interest to you.


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