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Liking the Horde!


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5 hours ago, -Loki- said:

Not even just summoning armies, when you've got the likes of Tyranids where you take multiple Gaunt squads, any single squad numbering as many models as a 1 commander list for TOS

This, oh so much. It's why I switched over to skirmish games Malifaux and Infiinty (and possibly TOS, I have yet to convince the wife!) . I just don't have time to paint boxes and boxes and boxes of guys.

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On 12/22/2016 at 7:37 AM, Emberlost said:

I'm liking the Gibbering Hordes more and more with each reveal. I've always wanted to try playing a horde army, but have always been put off by the sheer number of models I'd have to paint. But with the GH's Endless Numbers ability, I don't need more models, I just reuse the dead ones.

Same here, although painting wasn't my worry as much as assembly, which thankfully Wyrd has made a non-issue for TOS

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