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Playing against hired guns/swords needed.


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Dear Outcasts,

Von Schill & Viktorias seems to be a trouble for me. Most of the games against these two masters have been losen or draw by my two masters(Levi and Tara).

My opponents often have folloving crew members:

1. Viktorias(both)+sisters+librarian+additional models like(Johan, trappers,...)

2.Von Shill+ 2 trappers+Hannah+Strongarm+librarian+...

What shall I take into account playing against these two crews, which master and which models to chose?

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The Viktorias aren't much fond of anything that can shoot them at long range (like Freikorps Trappers), stuff that attacks back (like the Nothing Beast with Voided), stuff that explodes when it dies (like a bunch of the Arcanist constructs Levi can hire) and things that can't be charged (anything with Disguised). Shut down Viktoria of Blood any way you can before she goes off like a bomb in your crew, and you should be fine. Spread out a bit - one key anti-Viktoria tactic is to position your models such that Blood Vik can't reach more than two of them when she engages, and something nasty is still in range to charge her in return.

Von Schill likes to group up his crew so they benefit from his auras, so beating him is all about breaking that synergy. Kill the Steam Trunk as a first priority (Trappers are good at this), then focus down other support models like Librarians. If you can, separate your targets from Von Schill - bury them (or Schill himself if you can) with Tara or the Nothing Beast, for example, or hire Belles with Levi to lure them away. Depending on the Strategy and Schemes, having Von Schill's forces concentrated around him can make it easier for you to pursue objectives that require spreading out across the board.

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