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Making Markers ( Head Hunter, Corpse Markers, Defensive Markers, Scheme Markers )


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There are a range of laser cut markers and tokens out there to use in game to mark conditions and schemes, I have use them myself, but I wanted to scratch the 'hobby itch' and use some left over components to make some unique markers of my own.

First up are some 'Head Hunter' tokens for use with the 2016 gaining grounds. Anyone who has every collected the old ogres from GW will have a bagful of leftover ogre heads. I decided to put mine to good use. Easily done with minimal modding. 


Next up are some Corpse Marker from the old TK sprues


Next up the Dwarf shields used to make Defensive markers.


And finally my own scheme markers made up from a range of left over sprue bits




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Nice markers! 

Sure, it's more practical with markers that don't have any height, but markers like these really add to the feel of the game, IMO. Kind of like painted terrain and miniatures, you can play without it, but it's more fun to play with it. 

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