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  1. Mine was the same, so probably not a miscast.
  2. Wouldn't gracie be a more natural option if you want the saddle? Gracie I've run with her with some success.
  3. Husbandry and pig midwife. Corn husks for Old Major. Everything else is optional in my book. The hunting bow probably comes next in queue, but I tend to want to do other things with him.
  4. azog

    Nightmare Ulix box

    Yep. Me too. That would be awesome.
  5. azog

    Nightmare Ulix box

    I love this as well. Unfortunately I already have Ulix and am hesitant to buy him again. But we'll see..
  6. This. One of the new upgrades is awesome. And Burt > Taxidermist. Though, if you have room for a second beater, a taxidermist is a good choice, I think. Beware of obey masters who can blow your stuffed pigs up, though. That can hurt.
  7. azog

    Corpse Markers

    1 kill stuff Or 2 hit stuff with taxidermist
  8. azog


    No, there is no leash.
  9. I feel your pain. I've had similar experiences in 40k and after a while you get kind of desperate for progress. I'm too new to malifaux to be able to give you an answer right away, but could you maybe describe a typical game in a little more detail with lists, scheme pool and roughly what happens? My experience is that anyone can win and surely that should be possible for you to. Good luck and Merry Christmas!
  10. I'm using the GW Devlan Mud aka Agrax Earthshade aka talent in a jar. It is awesome for more or less all organic and/or dirty models. Will give your gremlins a dirty look. But maybe you're rather looking for some greenish wash?
  11. Welcome fellow Ork :-) I was in the same spot as you a while back and landed on Mah Tucket. Basically a Warboss on bike with a spoon ;-) Now I've bought Ulix as well, but not played him yet, so no comments there.
  12. Nice markers! Sure, it's more practical with markers that don't have any height, but markers like these really add to the feel of the game, IMO. Kind of like painted terrain and miniatures, you can play without it, but it's more fun to play with it.
  13. That would be awesome to see a picture of
  14. Congrats It's always nice (but expensive...) to find stuff you didn't think you could get hold of. And for a good price as well.
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