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Found 11 results

  1. Last game against Ramos made me think on what are our choices against him, but even other Summoners in general. Kang can be good, as many summons are Construct or Undead, Taelor can be another choice (now with the price drop), but do we have an effective way to take care of markers (countering in this way Reva too) or multiple models like Arachnids at the same time? What's your Strategy to avoid being out-activated?
  2. Question about Scheme marker placement, Can they stack? https://youtu.be/evdgzOGEeTU?t=20m14s In this video “allowed to stack scheme markers on top of eachother”. Both the Large book pg.49 and the small book pg.56 are written the same and ready the same way. And yes, both are ambiguous. While playing I have heard both arguments but there hasn’t been any resolution. Below I break down different pros and cons for each that I have run across. The arguments FOR stacking references Section 1 Paragraph 4 “Sometimes a model will drop multiple markers. It is perfectly acceptable for two Markers to be on top of each other; both have their effects, it doesn’t matter which one is placed on top. This doesn’t specify if the “multiple Markers” can be friendly or if it's only legal to stack opposed markers. And Section 4 Paragraph 4 “Models may take a (1) interact Action to remove EVERY enemy Scheme Marker that is in base contact with the model.” The last point isn’t written in either rule book but a logic question. There are a great many Schemes and Strategies that are impossible combos; if every Marker needs a minimum of 4” between each other then certain combinations of S&S are illegal or impossible combinations. This could be a broken flaw to the game or an intentional layer of play strategy to understand the broken and illegal combos. Additional things to note, There are many synergy and metta shenanigans of certain models that almost sound like they would support stackable markers. The argument AGAINST stacking references Section 4 Paragraph 4 “Models may place a scheme Marker in base contact with themselves and NOT within 4” of another friendly Scheme Marker by taking a (1) Interact Action.” Secondly, almost every Scheme and Strategy breaks or becomes moot if you can stack markers. E.G. Line in the Sand becomes an Auto-Take every time. The rule book breaks down markers into the following sections, Markers: Three paragraphs Paragraph 1 - Description/Overview Paragraph 2 - Rules Paragraph 3 - Summary Corps Markers: Three paragraphs Paragraph 1 - Overview Paragraph 2 - Operation Paragraph 3 - Clarification Scrap markers: Three paragraphs Paragraph 1 - Overview Paragraph 2 - Operation Paragraph 3 - Clarification Scheme Markers: Four Paragraphs Paragraph 1 - Rules Paragraph 2 - Overview Paragraph 3 - Clarification Paragraph 4 - Rules
  3. There are a range of laser cut markers and tokens out there to use in game to mark conditions and schemes, I have use them myself, but I wanted to scratch the 'hobby itch' and use some left over components to make some unique markers of my own. First up are some 'Head Hunter' tokens for use with the 2016 gaining grounds. Anyone who has every collected the old ogres from GW will have a bagful of leftover ogre heads. I decided to put mine to good use. Easily done with minimal modding. Next up are some Corpse Marker from the old TK sprues Next up the Dwarf shields used to make Defensive markers. And finally my own scheme markers made up from a range of left over sprue bits
  4. Hello Forumites! On p. 39 it says that scheme markers placed with the Interact Action cannot be within 4'' of another friendly scheme marker. Oath Keeper as well as Finish the Job on Johan make him place scheme markers upon death next to him. My Question is: If Johan dies with Oath Keeper in base contact with a scheme marker, can he place 2 more Scheme Markers (for 3 Scheme Markers in total)? If not, where in the Rules does it say otherwise? Thanks!
  5. Hi everyone, Recent FAQ has an interesting answer regarding to scheme markers and LOS. 49) Q: If a model on a 30mm base is positioned perfectly on top of a 30mm Scheme Marker such that the Marker is completely covered, can other models draw LoS to the Scheme Marker? A: No. Note that in the case multiple Scheme Markers are stacked on top of each other (with nothing else on top of/ blocking them) models may draw LoS to all Markers in the stack because Scheme Markers are not blocking. (9/1/15) Regarding Aura and Pulse LoS, the rulebook states that "a model cannot be affected by an aura or pulse that emanates from a location out of LoS". So, my opponent has his 30mm model perfectly aligned on his scheme marker, covering its LoS. I bring my tengu 3 inches nearby and try to cast Still the Earth (which is a pulse), targeting that s. marker under the model. But I do not have any LoS (according to FAQ). And because "a model cannot be affected by an aura or pulse that emanates from a location out of LoS", can i cast still the earth still, presuming markers count as models? Thank you
  6. From the album: Luisjoey`s Guild Supremacy

    This will be my Guild Scheme Markers
  7. You! Yes, you. Are you a Gremlin aficionado? Did you just discard an enemy Scheme Marker and are about to place your own? Are you looking for a way to rub salt in your enemy's wound? Look no further, my friend, and step right up! Phinn's Genuine Gremlin Scheme Markers! They come in all shapes* and sizes**! *Available Shapes: - round **Available Sizes: - 3 centimeters - 30 millimeters - 1,181 inches - 16,8 phinns Gremlin Scheme Markers - International Paper - A4 - 210 x 297 mm (8,27 x 11,70 in) Gremlin Scheme Markers - U.S. Paper - Letter - 215,9 x 279,4 mm (8,5 x 11,0 in)
  8. I'm wondering what people are achieving with the Union Miners' False Claim ability. They can't do it while engaged, so there's no advantage there. For something like Plant Explosives or Spring the Trap, the opponent still only has to pick one of them up for both to be discarded before scoring. I see the basic advantage of placing a marker at a 3" range, but otherwise the only real advantage I see is from other models that discard scheme markers for certain effects. Obviously Collette and co. do a lot of this, but otherwise I only see a couple of times it would help: Willie with Set Charge; the Large Arachnid with Temporary Limb (though it can only do this with one marker); Cojo with Mark Territory (he could benefit from both markers, but what's the list with Union Miners and Cojo in it?). What am I missing about this? I get the value of tossing a marker 3", but it seems to me the advantage of tossing two, one of which disappears at the end of the turn, is limited to a couple of very rare situations outside of a Collette crew. Is there something I'm just not getting here?
  9. Greetings all, So I'm gearing up for my official foray into Malifaux, and as part of my preliminary purchases I'm grabbing various markers from Urban Laser Craft. What with my constant indecision and tendency to get distracted by each faction's shiny toys, I think it's very likely I'll be playing all 7 factions at some point, so I'm grabbing the scheme markers for all of them. And that's uh, kind of expensive. I want to purchase just enough, so will ten scheme markers be enough for each faction? Thanks
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