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Disscussion and Procrastination


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Alright, so I have things I need to do (well, one big thing really), but I'm a chronic procrastinator, so I'm going to start this thread and see what happens.

Start random discussion of anything/everything Arcanist (or whatever the hell else you want.)


I'll start. I got Sandeep in the Gencon sale. He seems awesome, and I now want all of the gamin to go with him, but have only metal and poison (and Big Blue). Now, I know there are individual boxes of them you can get, but I know that I want Kaeris and Raspy eventually, so don't really want to get them. And I missed the wind gamin, but they're out not too long from now, so w/e.

So I suppose my real complaint here is that we have too many cool masters.


Also, kinda looking forward to having fun with the Valedictorian in Sandeep. Between Blade and Claw with Poison gamin and the 6in place from Beacon, there could be a lot of movement shenanigans on a very hitty model.


Also, Jones berry lemonade soda is the best, and if you disagree you're wrong.


So what's everyone else's random thoughts?

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Agreed.  We have a lot of cool masters.  Can't wait to try out Sandeep.  Going to start collecting more Academics now.  Random thought?  How about:  with the odd wing venation on the skeeter models, are they really even in the fly order Diptera?  Does the venation pattern maybe match another group more closely?  Too random?

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Nothing is too random! Though, the pool of people who could have an educated conversation on it may be a bit small...

And I'm not really in that particular pool. If you want to jump in the glass science and optics pool though, I'll be there with you. That said, wouldn't skeeter's point more towards mosquitoes than flies?

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Awaiting Sandeep's box in the post- there's photos up on A Wyrd Place with mispacked crews which has me worried. I know Wyrd has excellent customer service but I'm uber keen to try him out. Probably just a foolish worry, but there's a fair bit of uncertainty there. Trying to avoid story spoilers so keeping FB time to a minimum as spoilers are starting to appear (my book arrives soon, but srsly plz stahp)

Random Arcanist discussion:

I don't care for plastic Raspy and found a metal crew on ebay. Taking the ice golem with Ramos and the mechanical rider should be a bad-but-fun list, as the summonables are mostly ht1 and can be tossed :D Tossing an electrical creation would be hilarious. Picked up a metal Essence o' power as I've cards from a wave 1 arsenal and I hate having spare cards doing nothing. Plus it'll serve her better than "Furry thing hits disco guardsman"

In the future I'd like to see some sort of nature Master/Henchman- the Flora to Marcus's Fauna. Some kind of botanist perhaps, with a focus on water magic to make things grow and fill out an elemental gap in Malifaux. Outside of Jakuna and The Drowned, nothing much focuses on water. We have Sonnia and Kaeris for fire, Ramos, Hoffman, Mei for metal, Raspy for Ice, Misaki, Ototo for lighting/thunder and so on.

Random Malifaux discussion:

I'd like to see more story boxes as many seem to be good starting points for smaller games- the Amphibious Assault and Uni of Transmortis are examples.

Lucius is a good master, he just requires ALL of the micromanagement. Tried him for the first time today and lost 5-8 as I didn't have enough bodies to get Interference points. Less guild hounds and more sturdier things may have helped. Orderlies are good Devil's Deal schmucks in that they can emergency surgery the target (themselves) then heal when they end their activation. Being minions, Lucius can order them to follow him so he can keep on getting refunds. Given his good cache, he can probably rely on the stones he comes with and rock up with a fully spent 50ss in a game.

Skeeter would be gremlin shorthand for something like moskeeter/mosquito. Sadly they would be in Diptera as Malifaux has close-but-not-quite similarities, the Slate Ridge Mauler being one of those.

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I'm excited for an academic list.  Sanctioned spellcasters at 5 points pair up nicely with oxfordian mages at 5 points.  Throw in a henchman academic or 2 and you have a nice spread for your oxfordians instead of bunching them all up in one spot!

Random though - Green apple Jones Soda is the best, and maybe Michael Phelps is so ornery cause he got all them teeth and no tooth brush.

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I was going to start Ironsides, but a lack of opponents plus moving recently plus Reva distracted me.  The new M&SU injury lawyer should be fun when I do go there.

Also, I like to think of the "NO, GIVE ME ANOTHER CHA-" on the Sanctioned Spellcasters as "You'll never take me alive!" instead while they're in Arcanists.  I just don't see Sandeep as a "You have failed me for the last time" sort.

Cream soda, green apple and blue bubblegum are the best Jones sodas, and anything else is Guild propaganda.

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I just thought of something but I'd need a verification on the wording to be certain. With the new blade and claw upgrade it states that you place a scheme marker in base contact with the model before moving it.

I wonder if you can squeeze a little extra synergy from the ability if you have someone with the new well rehearsed upgrade close by to push 2" before having to discard the marker? Or do you have to resolve the B&C action completely before being able to push with WR?

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