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Bunraku, anyone tried them with Collodi?


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Good morning my fellow Puppet Masters! I just finished assembling my Coryphee last night so all I need is a Widow Weaver and a couple effigies and my Collodi army is done. But I was going over the Wyrd store this morning and saw Bunraku. I don't know how but I never saw/noticed them before and to my amazement they're puppets! YAY! More wood for the puppet fire!

I have never seen them mentioned in Collodi posts though, so are the models new releases or something? Are they good with him or so bad no one talks about them? What's their deal with Mr Fingers?

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I've tried them out in my Collodi crew and cool in a few ways.. They are another option besides Stticheds (to be the foot soldier of the crew), and they offer some nice dynamics.. I've found their Snatch coupled with Obscene Prep fantastic. Being able to yank opponents out of position and then get a free Ml attack in is always fun. Supported by Collodi's My Will and Vas' Twist you have ninja puppets that can suddenly make a lot of attacks!

Armour +1 and their Df trigger and a decent stat line make them resilient minions - and they have retract! 

All-in-all I think they're a great addition in the sense of minion choice for Collodi - adding some depth to how you can play the puppet master... 

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