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Alternate to, or conversion of, Brass Arachnid


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I just bought the Ramos-box, and like everyone else the idea of getting the Brass Arachnid onto a 30 mm base seems daunting. I've been thinking about using a Steam Arachnid with slight conversions to act as a brass one instead (and paint to up to be brass instead of silvery-metal). Have any of you guys done conversions or alternates of the Brass Arachnid? I would love to see!

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If you're willing to look at non-Wyrd miniatures, Guild Ball has three nice Arcanist related models:

- Mainspring (the mascot of the Engineers Guild) as a substitute Brass Arachnid. 

- Hoist and/or Pin Vice as substitute Coryphees or mannequins.

- Colossus as substitute steamborg (Disclaimer:  I dislike Colossus, but it's a simpler and studier model compared to Mr. Tentacle Nightmare.)


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I cut and reset the mid joints of two legs to make them reach the edge of the base.


It's still an annoying model as five of the legs stick out all over the place. I use magnetic transport so I'm not really afraid of it breaking, but I have to like puzzle it and surrounding models onto the steel tray.

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