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2nd try at this


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Hello all. I started playing this 4 years ago in version 1. Sadly a certain few people killed the game for me and my want to play. But I'm back! So I have a question. What gang goes best, from never born, with the Dr from the starter set? I would love to incorporate them. If there isn't a good never born gang then who would they pair well with? Any help would be wonderful!

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Well, Dr. Grimwell himself is just a pretty straight forward beater without any particular synergies. Put him wherever you want an extra beater really. Almost all of the NB masters like beaters, so which ever one you like the play style of best. Keep in mind, since you are hiring him outside of Guild as a merc, you must pay an extra point for him.

Keep in mind a new NB master is coming out in 2 weeks at Gencon for early release: http://www.wyrd-games.net/titania

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Boda, I'm not sure what exactly you're asking.  Are you aiming to get back into full sized 50ss games?  Or are you playing smaller games?  Are you playing with masters, or with henchmen as the leader of your crew?  You mentioned previously playing the game back in 1st edition. Do you still have models from then?  What crews do you already own?

Dr. Grimwell is perfectly fine as a member of most Neverborn crews.  He's pretty straight forward and provides some melee damage.  At 10ss to hire him, he does compete with the usual Neverborn beaters at the upper cost range: Mature Nephilim, Teddy, and Nekima.

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I got rid of all my stuff before hand. So I just now have the starter set. I want to build to a full gang, 50ss. But if I can incorporate these models in my gangarden to start that would be wonderful. I play small games now but want bigger and want to eventually have a master as a leader

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Zoraida seems like she would do well with him, obey to focus and move him into position and then him getting off a lobotomy could be good. 

Lilith can tangle shadows him around.

He's a fast beatstick so really anything that can move him around and anything that can give him positive flips for the massive damage on lobotomy are great, but he's still good by himself. 

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as  aquenaton already said, the half neverborn box works quite well with Lilith base crew.

you will have 

Lilith as Master

Cherub as Totem

Barbarods + Angel eyes as henchmens

Scion of the black blood as enforcer

2 x bloodwretch to add some beating 

2 x terror tots to run schemas


These are 48 SS  (withouth any upgrade ) and you have a spare terrot tot.

You can change it removing one bloodwrench to find the SS for upgrades, or you can remove Scion ,or one of the enchmans, or you can hire the Guild mercenaries that are in the starter box etc...

Seems a good start to learn the game and experiment with lilith.

Then you can increase you collection in different way :

  -  buy a crew box ( i.e. Lady Justice ) so that you can use 2 50ss crew of different factions

  - buy a second neverborn master

  - buy specific pieces that you like to try with lilith ( waldgeist, nephilim if you want to try the grow list, Nekima, etc.. )


Actually this is how I'm learning malifaux anywya ;)



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As has been said, the entire starter box models are all Mercs, meaning that they can be hired outside their respective factions (Guild/Neverborn) for the cost of 1SS extra per model (up to a max of 2 Mercs hired in a crew, per normal rules). So any Neverborn crew, if you wanted to, could hire Grimwell for his base cost of 9SS +1SS merc tax (10SS total). He's a solid beater who can move decently fast. I like to think of him as Howard Langston's little brother. :D  

From the same box set, if hiring the Guild guys into your Neverborn crew, don't overlook Nurse Heartsbane. As a toolbox style model her triggers can really put a monkey wrench into the opponent's crew. 

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