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  1. mirparx

    Help wanted...

    Just talking about Collodi, i know he is not anymore in the master list.... Are we sure he will not be just an enchemen? Actually we don't know anything about collody evolution of the story....
  2. mirparx

    Back on Malifaux - Learning with Lilith

    Once in turn one, once in turn 3 ( in 2 different games) I usually try to keep Lilith in " the center of the web" so to be able to support the other members of the crew, possibly in cover as she does not need LoS for her Ca actions. It happened that I had to swap 2 pieces ( Nekima was in a bad status, so I used Tangled Shadows to swap her with a young neph ), I used wicked Vines to root a Samurai, placed the illusionary forest and then?? Another Tangled shadows was useless (and it is also high resource cost ). No other valid targets for Wicked vines. Moving her out of cover to reposition didn't seemes wise to me... Probably I tend to keep her too much on the back , while she is more effective if I user her a bit more aggressive, more close to enemy...
  3. mirparx

    Back on Malifaux - Learning with Lilith

    Hello I need some advices. Something I need to clarify happened a couple of time. I activated lilith, placed forest, done a wicked vines on enemy, moved and... then? I did not had another enemy in range for wicked vines, no need to tangle shadows ,already repositioned.... wasted an AP. Is that normal or just my bad placement/planning causing this?
  4. mirparx

    How to learn and expand Rasputina

    Thanks a lot for your replies! Another question, is Rasputina strong/populr choice in the arcanist faction, or is she less used/less performer than other masters?
  5. Hello, I'm a new player, actually learning with Neverborne. The fate put in my hand a few arcanists models : Rasputina box 2 December acolytes This is tempting me to try it, also because in my group there are too many Neverborn/ressers, but I have some doubt/question : - Is there some essential model missing? - How to expand this crew? - is it my impression, or arcaninst models that fit well with a master are not so fitting it the other? So few exchangeable pieces between different masters? Tanks a lot Mirko
  6. mirparx

    Back on Malifaux - Learning with Lilith

    Never even took in consideration PM attacks... always thought to it as a "rush of magic" + free scheme marker at the end of the game. Effectively, 2SS, you take one more card each turn, stacking on Lilith Rush of Magic should grant a decent hand most of the time Plus you have the possibility to place as scheme marker Plus, specially in mission when enemy have to place marker in your half of table, can make enemy insignificant... Really need to test it more....
  7. mirparx

    Back on Malifaux - Learning with Lilith

    I agree, unfortunately I won... Jokes apart, I was playin with a guy I used to play warmachine with, in a very small community (something like 5-6 playersin my city) So it was a very friendly, relaxed and fun game, where we helped each otherto understand what was happening
  8. mirparx

    Back on Malifaux - Learning with Lilith

    Thanks for the comments @Ludvig You are right, cannot be slave of a 1SS upgrade.Need to learn how to resist Regarding Waldgeists, I've ordered them at FLGS, so I should receive them shortly. Having them occupying space, putting forests and threaten at 4" would have been highly beneficial Apart that I'm really happy as I start to see improvements in my knowledge, and so look less at the card and more at the table !
  9. mirparx

    Back on Malifaux - Learning with Lilith

    Ok, made a game yesterday with my list. Well, not completely true as it was a game against an almost new player (I'm almost new too ) so we played at 35SS, with just a simple strategy, no schemes The strategy was composed by an objective in the center. If you have 2 models in 6" of the objective you core 1 point. I've won 4-3 at the end of 4th turn. Being at 35SS , I've put on the field : 35 SS Neverborn Crew Lilith + 6 Pool - Beckon Malifaux (1) - On Wings Of Darkness (1) Cherub (3) Nekima (13) - A Thousand Faces (1) Young Nephilim (6) Terror Tot (4) Terror Tot (4) My opponend was playaing Gremlins: 35 SS Gremlins Crew Ulix + 5 Pool - Huntin' Bow (2) - Husbandry (3) Penelope (2) Old Major (9) Gracie (10) The Sow (8) I've managed to play Lilith in a slightly more effective way than last time, being able to Vicked Wines and root Gracie to prevent a charge, Creating forest to slow the enemy and firing a couple of my pieces with Tangle shadows to maximize charges and attacks. Nekima is very powerful. I'm not a fan of the growing option, but at the beginning of 2nd turn I had the change to transform a "A Thousand Faces" inot Rapid growth, killed a little pig (don't remember the name ) and growth a tot into a young. I also growth also the other tot and made the young a mature. ut it is true, it is a trap. In fact I've sacrificed a young neph just to try to kill an enemy and make it growing while I had better moves... The Cherub seems able to do lot of things, but I rarely mange to make something relevant with him. In reality this mission, where Interact was not necessary, was not the best for him ( Primordial magic would have been probably useless, except for Rush of Magic) The Young Nephilim is a good beater, and the tots helped in scoring at the beginning, then evolved in young ad mainteined the position and inflicted some damage. So happy of that. A funny thing : my oponent charged my tot with a pig (was summoned , don't remember the name), inflicted 3 dmg, pushed it by 4 to try to put it out of the scoring zone, and followed the push imself. Doing so it activated the punch of my tot, that inflicted enough damage to kill it and evolve in young. Apart that, I find pigs very hard to deal with. At one point Ulik forced one of his pigs to charge, the charging pig managed to trigger another charge and it was an endless pain. Probably the "single strategy in the middle",resulting in a big rumble in the middle of the table, was favoureable for though pieces like those. Hope to be able to test better the list next tuesday, so to become more confortable with the my pieces. I'm starting to remember some stats, so it's good
  10. mirparx

    Back on Malifaux - Learning with Lilith

    Yes, it is a good article indeed. it make me thinking on how to maximize my resource usage, and trying to move from an "instinctual " game style to a more planned and efficient one. But I know it will take time to do that Regarding Tangle Shadows, I've mostly used that to Lilith herself, to keep her out of risks or place here in a better position for casting wicked vines. I've also used it on a friendly model, so to swap it with another one to maximize attacks. I've tried to tangle shadows the enemy, but I need to find enemies with low WP, otherwise I risk to an high card ( or a stone and an high card if I've stone d for the mask ). Do you usually use it successfully on enemy?
  11. mirparx

    Mirparx painting blog

    Hello, just discovered this section of the forum, so I get the chance to post pictures of the model I've painted in the last month . Obiously C&C are welcome
  12. mirparx

    Back on Malifaux - Learning with Lilith

    Yes, Johan, lelo & lilitu, Teddy... are all in my shopping list, but for the future. At the moment I prefer to play a while with what I already have. Also because I've all almost painted I also read some good advices on last issue of Wyrd Chronicles about resource management... The funny thing is that it seem to learn on using things on malifaux you have to paly as if you don't have it ..... Play Lilith as if she has not the sword to learn how to maximize her power ( in S&S podcast on Lilith) Play as if you don't have SS in cache to learn when it is good to use them play as if you don't have a control hand, so to learn when it is really worth to cheat Which is your opinion about it?
  13. mirparx

    Back on Malifaux - Learning with Lilith

    Got it. DId not realized that fear given form affected only my models THanks for the advices!! I will test it and report results!