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Religion in the world


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Hey guys. I am just starting this Friday my first TTB campaign and I just got thinking that there is no real note on religion in anything Wyrd has published. At least to my knowledge. As religion is a big part of our cultures I think it is good to think how the breach and Malifaux have shaken the believers in the past 100 years. Especially in Malifaux as it is really a cultural furnace melding different cultures together.

So any thoughts? Not that it needs to be huge theme in a campaign or anything but just showing interest in the world. 

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The lack of religion, according to the developer podcasts (Breachside Chats on YouTube...worth watching) come down to two issues: too little authority on various schools of religious belief to be comfortable writing about it and not wanting to potentially offend people who they don't have to by misrepresenting a belief system folks care deeply about.


That said, talking about it on the forums is a whole different thing. Honestly it's something I think needs hashed out and I think it'd be a blast to spitball some ideas anyway--since I'm kind of a fan of history and different religions.

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