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  1. Hello Malifaux People! We are holding a Malifaux Tournament in Pori Finland. This was supposed to be 100 Years of Finland celebration, but we got postponed by a week. Well anyway let's get going. Tournament is hold at our Local Gaming Store, Pelikrypta. Street Address: Itsenäisyydenkatu 48, 28100, Pori, Finland. Tournament is 50 soulstones with fixed faction. We are limiting max players to 16 because of the size of the venue. Games are played with Gaining Grounds 2017 rules. We have a 5 euro participation fee that goes to prize pool. Tournament starts 10 am with players signing up. We are playing three rounds or four rounds if there is over 10 participants. For extra info in Finnish here is a link to the facebook event. Or ask down below for extra info. Under is the round schemes and strategies and a timetable. Timetable 10:00 Sign Up10:30 - 12:30 1 Round12:30 - 12:45 1 Pause (15 min)12:45 - 14:45 2 Round14:45 - 15:30 Food Pause (45 min) 15:30 - 17:30 3 Round 17:30 Prize Ceremony (19:45 If there is a 4th round) [Possibly] 17:30 - 17:45 2 Pause (15 min) 17:45 - 19:45 4 Round [Possibly] 1st RoundStrategy: Turf WarDeployment: Flank Scheme PoolClaim JumpAccusationLeave Your MarkHunting PartyA Qucik Murder2nd RoundStrategy: Squatter’s RightsDeployment: CornerScheme PoolClaim JumpEliminate the LeadershipFrame for MurderShow of ForceSearch the Ruins3rd RoundStrategy: Collect the BountyDeployment: StandardScheme PoolClaim JumpDig Their GravesLeave Your MarkSet UpRecover Evidence4th RoundStrategy: InterferenceDeployment: StandardScheme PoolClaim JumpLeave Your MarkFrame for MurderCovert BreakthroughInspection
  2. Something I noticed about new Frame for Murder or as it is now called Take One For The Team It makes 0 cost models pretty dump for it like Viktoria of Blood and Hungering Darkness. This means they can be suckers and always score 2 points if they die. 3 If it is 3rd turn or before. I am thinking this is not meant to be like this. Maybe add "With soulstone cost 1 or more."
  3. Hey again holding an event at Pori. We are getting a Henchman Hardcore for the new players in the local area on 20.8.2017. Rules are like normal Henchman Hardcore with few tweeks. Round time 60 min, so new players don't feel rushed. Strategy is switched to Extraction. Scheme is changed to Eliminate the Leadership. Both are from GG 2017. Extraction for more + on winning the middle battle and eliminate to counteract leaders that are near impossible to kill (Eternal Bad Juju for example who can't give 3 points in Assasinate). More info in the links below. (In Finnish) Facebook Post Local Game Club Post
  4. A Bumb up the list, but also to show of our new awesome demo table. Pictures are potato quality from my cheap phone. Will try to get better ones in the future.
  5. Still haven't read all the posts but this is just a nitpick I got from getting to page 5. Can we just use the word a norm or normal as it is supposed to be used. LGBT are not normal. They are en exception. This in no way means they are worse then Hetero Cis whatever. They are just no the norm. Just something I liked to get of my chest with Heteronormativity being thrown around. If you meet a person who looks like your average man you can make a educated guess that they are Cis, Hetero, Male. Because that is the norm. If he states otherwise or more data comes your way (For example he is holding hands with another man) you may redefine you guess. But still that is off topic from what I was saying. Anyway I will rephrase it not everything is Normal but it is not a bad thing. This is why we usually make a guess that people visiting Honeypot are Heterosexuals, for the most part at least as it is the Norm.
  6. Just saying this much many times there is a hard push to make LGBT characters they do tend to come out really dull. At least to me. I think making something like sexual orientation the major thing about the character overshadows other aspects that might make him or her interesting. Like if you look at real life if a person comes out really heavily open about their sexual orientation (be it Strait or gay) is a bit of a head scratcher. Of course a character might make a mention about a character waking from a bed and seeing a same-sex person sleeping next to them and moving on to the meat of the story. Or even making something like a gay couple that actually work as models in the game with synergy with each other. Like making a strait couple who has synergy as models in the game. And have them be something interesting outside of that. But maybe I am not a person who this whole talk focuses on being outside of LGBT. Though I will save I am really confused about the whole "needs something to identify with." Cause I don't really do that maybe because of heavy RPG background but I don't look into fiction to Identify with things. I just want to see what kind of characters they are and follow their doings. More of video game thing then table top but still. I feel like me identifying with a character makes that character really dull, because I am fucking dull person. But yeah that's a rant for another time. So in summary. LGBT characters would be nice, but don't make it the Major point of the character. Make a interesting character and have him be LGBT if s/he seems like one. Make them Badass/Funny/Entertaining/Interesting without the fact they are LGBT and they are ok in my book.
  7. Heya Wyrdos! We are having a new tournament in Pori, Finland. Tournament is held during Luminyrkki-event in association with Porin Pöllökarhut and PTP. Tournament is 50 Soulstones with Fixed Faction and Fixed Master. Otherwise we follow the Gaining Grounds 2017. Tournament costs 6 euros to cover for postage of the prize pool. The event itself has a entry fee of 5 euros also, but it gives you access to everything at the event. There are 16 spots for players. For extra info about the tournament use this link. And more info about the event can be found in this link. The linked sites are in Finnish, but you can also ask questions in this topic or by just sending me a PM.
  8. Can anyone make sure, but I can't seem to get Errata Scribe card from Wargame Vault. It is on the errata pack, but it is the only Neverborn errata card that can't be bought alone. Am I just not finding it or what?
  9. Not to say you are wrong but do you have anything to really back that up. There is really no order in which you build the crew. Only thing mentioned that is anyway ordered is that "usually" you hire the leader first. I am pretty sure that the idea is not to give Collodi the option to hire any Emissary. But I find that the RAW is little too hazy at least with the info I have found.
  10. A thought came to mind last time I played Collodi. Conflux of Music gives the emissary Puppet Characteristic so can Collodi actually hire any Emissary in the game if the emissary has Conflux of Music on it? As the upgrade gives the emissary Puppet Characteristics making it hireable to Collodi. I couldn't find anything on the forums about this and at least quick rulebook check didn't give me insight to this. One thing I find in support of this is that some upgrades also widen the hire pool of models. Like Tarot Reading on Zoraida that gives her the option to hire Swampfiends from other factions. Also to me it makes sense in a way as Collodi can hire any Effigy so maybe he could also hire any emissary. But yeah in the end I'm not on either side of this. I just wanted to ask if anyone else has something that would settle the debate in my head.
  11. I don't know if someone brought this up yet, but didn't feel like reading 8 pages just to check. But why was the Prince Unathi's attack changed from mustard gas to just poison? I think that little wording brought the timeline really well in to the game. Just with that one word. Poison sounds too much like a videogame lingo for we didn't bother to look up any suitable poison so it is just poison. Just thought mustard gas sounded like a bad ass thing to be there. Really bring the horror from WW 1 to the timeline.
  12. Hello, Its time again to hold a tournament in Pori. This time we are going for a full 50ss tournament. The Tournament is held during an local gaming event known as "Porin Peliviikko" at the youth center in Pori. The tournament takes place 19th of November 2016. Participants are to arrive around 10 am to sign up for the event. Games start at 10:30. We are playing with Fixed Faction and Fixed Master, as there are a lot of newer players who don't have that much choices anyway so the more experienced players don't have a too big of an advantage based on model count. The rounds are two hours long including crew building, scheme selection and deployment. So be ready with crews for the matches or at least base crews on which to build on. Here are the deployment, strategy and scheme pools for each of the three rounds. Round 1 Strategy: Collect the Bounty Deployment: Standard Deployment Scheme Convict Labor Show of Force Leave Your Mark Detonate the Charged A Quick Murder Round 2 Strategy: Interference Deployment: Flank Deployment Scheme Convict Labor Hunting Party Leave Your Mark Catch and Release Undercover Entourage Round 3 Strategy: Stake a Claim Deployment: Corner Deployment Scheme Convict Labor Take Prisoner Exhaust Their Forces Neutralize the Leader Search the Ruins We are keeping a 5 € participation fee to cover for taxes and postage for the prizes. For more info in Finnish go here: Bear of the Breach
  13. Hello Wyrdos! We are holding our first tournament in Pori, Finland. We are using the Alternate play style of Henchman Hardcore so our newer players can play without having to learn too many new units at a time and to be more lenient with time. I am collecting a 5 euro participation fee to pay for the postage, taxes etc. on the prizes. But without further ado here are the specifics: Avenue: Porin Pelikauppa at Siltapuistonkatu 14 28100, Pori, Finland. Date: Saturday 15. October 2016 starting 11:15 am Schedule 11:15 Torunament start 11:30-13:00 1. Round 13:15-14:45 2. Round 14:45-15:30 Lunch Break 15:30-17:00 3. Round 17:00-> Handing Out Prizes and cleaning up the place. Prizes: We are having a Wyrd 8-player tournament pack. So everyone leaves with at least something in hand. I welcome anyone to attend if you want to be part of it do send a message to me with PM or in this Topic. For some extra info here is our Finnish advert of the event 7/8 Attendees Signed up.
  14. There is an event this Saturday at Pori. We are holding quite casual Enforcer Brawl gaming with one Mystery Box for the winner and a guilder for the runner up. The event starts at 12:00 at Porin Pelikauppa (address below) and you can attend even if you have no miniatures. The more seasoned players are bringing their own extra enforcers to be loaned for other players. So everyone is welcome be it new or old players. The games are ending at 16:00 as the shop closes. Porin Pelikauppa Antinkatu 12, 28100 Pori
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