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Lovelace in shifting Loyalties


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Now.. there always has to be one and unfortunately on this occasion it has to be me.

Now I'm trying to drum up some extra interest in Malifaux, and I was thinking, as our group is experienced in playing Necromunda and Mordheim and other campaign systems, Shifting Loyalties would be a good place to start, with the small crew builds and not so many upgrades...

Anywho... I was really interested in doing a Freikorps crew but with Lovelace as the leader...

The question I am asking is... If I declare my faction as Outcasts would I then be able to take Anna as the leader if I pay the merc tax for here...

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I'm recopying part of this response from another thread:


Pg. 72 of the BRB, in the Hiring Crews Section: 

"Any Master or Henchman from the Faction that the player declared earlier in the Encounter building process is fair game to be chosen as the Crew's Leader."


The emphasis was mine. With one exception, (Wrath with his special upgrade and all the Band), Henchman hired from out of faction as Mercenaries may not lead your crew.

So unfortunately if you declare outcasts as your faction you cannot lead the crew with a Resser Henchman, even though she is a merc. You could however lead it with Hannah, and then hire her sister in if you want, as there is no animosity rule preventing them both from being in the same crew, even though the fluff would indicate they don't like each other.

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