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gremlin kamikazi reckoning question.


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I was looking at my new bayou gremlins and had a thought.  If reckoning is the strat but you have schemes involving markers.  Would it be a valid strategy to take a horde of bayous with a few elite badasses. Rely on mostly the schemes for points then quickly sacrificing the baps with show off or dumbluck so that the opponent cant reliably complete reckoning?

And aside from somer would anyone else be good at that? 

I was thinking mah lenny trixie and a horde of bayous.

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I don't see it working. Bayou Gremlins are really easy to one-shot (or at least kill in one activation) especially in Reckoning where people usually load up on killers. And all in all what's to stop your enemy from killing the Bayous once they have activated?

But this is all based on speculation - try it and report back. Somer would be best but Mah could sortakinda work due to Tomes chores.

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Only a few schemes let you lock in full points early. (Assasinate, Deliver a message, Spring the trap, Plant explosives, Vendetta, kill protogee and Frame for murder).

Of those only Explosives and Spring the trap will use your scheme markers. 

For any other scheme marker schemes, your opponent will be able to just remove the markers you dropped, especially if you are hiding your last few models to deny reckoning points. 

AS Math Said, the only way to really see if you can get it to work, is to try. I don't think it would work as you expect, but whilst I might pick bayou gremlins in a reckoning game, I wouldn't be planning on killing them off my self, and certainly wouldn't be going with a swarm of them. It will also depend a lot on what your opponent brings to the game. 

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