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How many Silurids


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So, here I sit, painting Silurids (old metal ones at that!) and I must wonder...  how many Silurids do you typically find you use?  At 7SS they're not cheap.  One seems like a pretty affordable scheme running solution.  Two for 14SS I could see justifying if I was running a couple of marker-heavy schemes.  I have hard time envisioning a scenario where I would want to dump 21SS into Silurids... or am I just thinking small here?

How many do you typically run, and under what circumstances?

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In my last game I had one complete breakthrough all on it's own while making a reasonable stab at stake a claim while he was at it. Another one might be nice as a backup, but 3 seems like definite overkill. Your probably better off spending those points on something to put pressure on your opponent so they don't have free reign to go frog hunting.

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