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New player recommendations?


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I finally gave up and decided to plunge into the Breach :)

At first I thought I would begin with Seamus and work from there, but our group has one new Resser player starting with Seamus, so I'll try something different. I want to start my adventure with Yan Lo and then move on to Kirai. I'm just a little worried whether I will be able to wrap my head around Yan (he seems to be more complex than Seamus and all that). I have some experience with tabletop games, so maybe that won't be a problem.

I have around 150$ for my first purchase. I would like to have enough models to play at least 35SS comfortably, and some options for expanding to other crews. Is this purchase list sensible? Should I consider any other models?

  • Yan Lo Box
  • Kirai Box (for Onryos and future expansion into second master, once Gaki and Datsue-Ba are available)
  • another box:
    • Molly (mostly for Crooligans as scheme runners, and another master that should work nicely with Kirai's Spirits from what I gather)
    • Seamus (I think that might a better choice for later, since neither Yan nor Kirai seem to NEED Belles)
  • Izamu
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As Dirial said, aim for 50ss, and everyone needs belles. 

Izamu, Rogue Necromancy, Yin, Toshiro are all popular "heavy" choices. If you want to stay with Yan Lo, Komainu are solid choices.

Kirai needs a lot of expansion to be decently playable. Gaki are almost a nescessity for her.

Also, Yan Lo is less complex than you think. He can collect the Chi condition, which he then can either use for two different abilities, or keep it to gain a bonus to Ca. 

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I thought it would be hard to reach 50SS with just starter boxes, but I played a little with an online Crew Creator I found (shame that there's none on Wyrd site) and it seems doable, even not counting Upgrades in. So rest assured I'll be playing 50SS whenever I can ;)

Also good to know that Yan Lo is not that difficult to play.

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