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starter zoraida list


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I would drop a silurid for another waldgeist, put fears given form on Juju...and I'm not too sure about the doppleganger.
Your list will change for most strategies and schemes but unless your running a scheme marker heavy pool you shouldnt need three silurids.
Your also not benefiting from many conditions for dropping on your doll and apart from mimicing jujus claws the doppleganger doesn't seem to have many toys to play with.

I will often drop crystal ball for raven form if assassinate is on the cards.

What other models do you have access to or will you have access to in the near future?

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McTavish can really work with a full Swampfiend Crew. I actually prefer him over Juju but since I gather you are just starting out that might be for later (his plastic isn't released yet either).

In a lot of scheme pools I think you will get very good mileage out of 3 waldgeists and 2 silurids instead of the dopplegänger, 3silurids and a single waldgeist. When you use 3 geists the upgrade "Hexed among you" on Juju will do wonders.

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It's a decent list to start out with, especially if you're thinking if going for a lot if swamp fiends. Silurids are super solid, probably the best scheme runners in the game, but the third one would be my choice for something to cut when you start changing up your list.

Doppelganger is so good for some scheme/strategy pools (and a personal favorite of mine) but is totally useless for others; another choice to cut situationaly.

In their place I would look into models that shine when killing things is the order of the day: nephilim, nekima, illuminated, and their ilk. You're going to want some real offensive beef for some games.

General models I always suggest for neverborn: Beckoners are great for movement shenanigans and ranged support; Mr Graves is an offensive beatstick, bodyguard, and troop transport all in one; stitched together offer close range casting for heavy damage output, netting better cards, and giving cover against ranged attacks.

As a side note for battling Pandora: keep your team very mobile (Beckoners/Graves help with that), you do NOT want to get stuck in one place with Pandora and her team's auras stacking up. Try to pick schemes that you can scatter to the four winds to accomplish and use those silurids to their fullest.

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Was it okay to leave the doll of and simply summon it later?

Also since I would rather not bog down the forums with multiple posts I know this Lucius list is probably poor but I was trying to go for a themeish mimic list I have 2ss left.

When guild hound get released my switch the guard out for them. I mainly wanted that "somethings up" feel where it isn't over that Lucius is Neverborn lol I kind of want to work a freikorp tapper in there

Neverborn Crew



+Secret Assets

+Suprisingly Loyal

The Scribe



+Useless Duplications

Guild Guard

Guild Guard

Guild Lawyer

Mr. Graves

Mr. Tannen

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Yeah, definitely. There's going to be times where you want to hire it right away to take out high priority targets, but if you're going for doll shenanigans your going to want a nurse, wicked dolls, iggy and the like. Even in those games you might not hire it, since it's so dang slow

If you're mid game and realize the doll will be useful you can always summon it later on.

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The Lucius list looks fine but again you will change your list depending on schemes, strategies and opponents.

With Zoraida I never pay for the vodoo doll, the fact Zoraida can summon it 6" out it can then hem to anything your opponent has advanced too far forward you can hex bag it and then obey something to either belt it or put a condition on it tends to work out fine, in a worst cause situation Zoraida may have to lose a turn 1 obey to walk forward.

When playing Zoraida (neverborn) without a fluffy swampfiend crew I would suggest looking at stitched together and a widow weaver.
Gamble your life is excellent for hammering the vodoo doll down as it is a standard flip that cannot be cheated and the weaver can then summon a wicked doll from the scrap or save it for teddy.

Facing Pandora with Zoraida can be tough as most of her fluff based pool and many of her best options are low will power which Pandora will exploit.
A fears given form juju land sliding her bunched up minions will help, pick off important targets with your hemmed vodoo doll, possibly go for a nurse to hem Candy/teddy/Kade etc and then paralyze away.

If your opponent really likes bunching up then suicide bombers, Pere Ravage and Pap Loco might be good options as would any model with explosions....looking at you gremlins.


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