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I started M2E with every intention of playing Ten Thunders as my Secondary force next to my Ressers, but Wave 1 was just felt really underperforming compared to the rest of the factions. I have Misaki, Mei, Yan, and Lynch, and I'm getting Shen as well (mainly for Sensei "Please take me with everyone because I'm really effcient in most crews" Yu).

I have good Tengu proxies, I have Ten Thunder Brothers. I have Archers, and Snipers. Graves and Tannen are mine as well.

Are there other key models you'd suggest? Are there suprising combinations of models that you'd love share? How do you see each master working?

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McCabe is pretty great and is pretty much all about making models better than they normally are. Handing out metal shirt to illuminated to make them armor 2, and / or Izamu to make him armor three is great. Or you could use the elixer of life to give the former regen 3 and the later regen 2. Or you could just do both at once.


But that is one of two things McCabe does well. The other is being the most mobile master in the faction, until he gets knocked off his horse at least.


If you already don't have them, Yin, Toshiro, and Izamu are all fantastic for different reasons. Toshiro acts as a mini Nicodem giving nearby minions plus flips, handing out fast, and even doing some summoning. Yin can make it far easier for you to get abilities that target WP off. Izamu is just a monster in every sense of the word. All three are tough and ancestors, so added synergy with Yan Lo, but great just about anywhere really. They are also all duel resser/TT so fit into both your factions. These big 3 of the ancestors are all a little on the slow moving side though. This can be alleviated partially by the soul porter, or completely by Graves "Show ya the Door" action.


Beckoners for Lynch. They are the best way to hand out Brilliance hands down and they a darkened so they can be infiltrated into TT. Depleted are great tanks, 4 points, 8 wounds, hard to wound, and hard to kill.


Mei can bring the Rail Golem, Metal Gamin, and Willie over from the Arcanists into a TT crew. I know from experience that once the RG gets going, it becomes a literal train on legs. The latter two I can't really comment on due to lack of playing them.


Ama No Zako is a great figure to have in general. Tough, hits hard, creates hazardous terrain auras, and can take control of enemy models for an action. Shes a merc as well, so you could even toss her in a resser crew if you felt like it.


Monks of the Low River are nice if your meta is condition heavy.


If you would ever consider running Lynch on the NB side, pick up a doppelganger definitely, one of the best models in the game imo (able to copy any non master 1AP action, lets you cheat the initiative flip at the start of each turn).

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I really enjoy the lone swordsman. I don't really know if he is that good, but for some reason I have a soft spot for him, and he is really fun. His attack is on par with a master, but limited AP, and it's always great to see an opponent when you tell them he is bulletproof 3. I'm really hopeful that he will work well with Shenlong.

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Looking at what your list of models I'd say you're pretty much set up to play, learn and/or win. I wouldn't say you're really missing anything necessary, more just decide who you want to learn to play and how you want to play them. Give them all a little time to find your favourite grooves. Five Masters is a lot of playtime.


That said the Lone Swordsman, Katanaka Snipers and the rest of the Ancestors(Yin, Izamu, Toshiro) are all solid models that aren't in your list.


I find the Lone Swordsman good and Shenlong makes him positively evil. Healing him of HtK and giving him Fast, I get the most out of him when I run him with Shenlong.

He took a while to get the hang of, the first few games he just died, but as long as you set him up nicely he's a very reliable killer.


Snipers give you a ranged threat that you'll only otherwise get from McCabes hire-ins or Trapper mercs. Plus they are strong in melee, your opponents will groan at them as much as Illuminated when you put them on the table. Shenlong and McCabe both make them even better but they run very strong vanilla as well.


The Ancestors all have a place in lists depending on your strats/schemes and what Master you're running. If you do buy Toshiro you'll also have to pick up Komainu (you already have Ashigaru).


Of the Masters you have I'd say Mei is the only one who isn't wholely supported and as AverageBoss said if you keep going with Lynch you'll want Depleted and Beckoners, but they're not necessary to make him competitive.


McCabe is a great Master, but his box doesn't bring anything you're really missing and you've already got 5 of the 7 Masters! Plus you'll have to buy Austringers and Guild Hounds to get the most from him.


Which of the Masters are you leaning towards? Have you put anyone on the table yet?

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I'm looking at Yan Lo currently,  as he's not highly rated, and I'd like to see if there's something there others aren't seeing. I also like Misaki as well. And I have all the Ancestors, I completely blanked on them as I tend to think of them as Resser models, and I have an unassembled Dawn Serpent as well.

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I'm looking at Yan Lo currently, 


I had a sneaking suspicion you were good people. This confirms it.


Like I said, Komainu are out, being the Seventh Sign of the Coming Golden Age of Yan Lo.


Still not forgiving you for Sniper Tara Death from Beyond quite yet.

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