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Sell me on Tara.


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Perhaps an explanation is needed.


My local Malifaux store has a Tara box in store.  I play Outcasts. (misaki, Viks, Schills as of now).  Everytime I'm in the store, that box keeps calling my name.  But I'm afraid I won't "get" her playstyle.  She buries, makes things fast or slow iirc, has cool ugly scheme runners and a cthulu beast and some weird totem lady.


I'm thinking/guessing I could drop in the strongarm suit/Taelor, and bomb them at the enemy while messing up the opponent models. 


Should mention I have Lady J and her death marshalls so there's that, so the crew is doable in a couple ways.


To me she seems suit intensive, and all sorts of tricksie, which I'm not sure I'm ready to pull of yet in a game of malifaux.

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A bit suit intensive, but way more support than tricks once you learn her.


I think she's epic since she's got decent fight, cool positioning tricks,  insane AP count once you get her, plus the weird west thing. It's been a bit since I've tweaked it at this point, but I wrote this for her if you want the ultra-long version.

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You've already got a bunch of Outcasts and some Death Marshals - you're in the ideal position for jumping into Tara.


As for "getting" her playstyle, would you enjoy throwing a heavy beater (or two!) with Fast into any part of the enemy crew after they've all activated, then winning initiative at the start of the next turn and doing it again? If so, Tara may be for you! ;)

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I'm about 5 games into Tara as my last Resser master. For me she's been interesting in three main ways. The first is burying, which I kind of assumed would be the main thing about her, is interesting because it's not her main deal. It's definitely there, and it adds a layer of your opponent having to plan for and defend against models popping up damn near anywhere, and giving you targeted strikes when and where you want them. Also love the look on their face when their linchpin model that was just getting ready to unleash hell suddenly isn't on the board anymore.


The last two are kind of intertwined, being AP multiplying and a real focus on the positioning of models, both yours and  your opponents. Finding the right place to move Tara to pass out her pulse of fast so that it hits as many of your guys as possible and hopefully only one weak enemy model is a challenge. The better you are at that, the more you are increasing your models AP over that of your opponent. My max so far has been giving 5 of my guys fast, including Izamu, Nothing Beast, a punk zombie, a death marshal and a nurse, while only giving fast to a Malifaux Rat on the other side. That's 5 extra AP this turn, and the rat wasn't around long enough to even get to use his. That can be huge, like really huge.


She's a support master, not as focused on moving AP around as an obey master, but easily capable of handing out (more like creating, really) even more AP than any other master I can think of. And many people will tell you that while malifaux is a game of resource management, the biggest resource of them all is AP. Also, much like I always say about Yan Lo, she works with any group of models you want to bring with her, themed or not, because there isn't a model in the game that doesn't like fast.

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