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Dragounfaux 4, Stockholm, 7/3, tournament report


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So I attended Dragonfaux 4 in Stockholm last weekend. It was a three game tournament at 46ss. I thought I would write a report on the tournament. Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures of the games, so I’m adding some pictures of models that were in the games instead.

You can find the reports here:



Hope you'll enjoy!

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Thanks everyone! Yeah Colette vs Zoraida was certainly an interesting matchup. I kind of felt I had the upper hand since Prompt is so damn good what with not needing a suit, only needing a 6 and giving a 3" push too, compared to Obey. Of course Obey can target my models too. But being able to use Prompt and Understudy to do some really tricksy condition removal came in real handy against the swamp hag.

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