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Another What Should I Add Next Thread...


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OK, I've just dirtied myself by starting Guild and I'm thinking they're probably going to be my faction for TOMB2 so I'm wondering what I should look at adding over the coming months.  I currently have the following crew boxes:


Lady (Dead) Justice

Latigo Posse

Torch and Flame

Bound by Law


Plus I also have a Pathfinder.  I am already planning on picking up some Riflemen (one of which I'll be converting into an Austringer) and some Executioners (I know these tend to be unpopular but I'll be running Guild McMourning and plan on getting McCabe as I also collect TT so I think they'll have a home) and I'll re-purpose some Zombicide Dogs as Guild Hounds.  Are there any other must haves that need a home that I don't have?

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It sounds like you've got your bases mostly covered.


I'll echo the rest: scrounging up a Handler and Pistoleros would be pretty handy.  Hunters and a Watcher or two are also very handy.


For my own little contribution, I love the Brutal Effigy.  He makes those killy masters better from healing and card draw, can pass out slow, has Finish the Job, and it a super cheap minion.  Also, if running McMouring or facing Ressers, Exorcists are a fun addition.  Exorcists + Plastic Surgery = Pain.  Lucius really loves his Mimics, particularly Doppelganger.  And Wardens.


Just get everything.

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