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Slop haulers with Mah?


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I was thinkin of using slop haulers in a mah list for the Df debuff. Didn't realize sloppys have an huge charge! Could do the same trick as mancha, mah, trixie but with a hauler instead of mancha.

What do you guys think? Would it be worth while using slop haulers mainly for their debuff?

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They are amazing. Last week I killed a Doppelganger with a Slop Hauler wailing at it in melee for a round and then a Bayou Gremlin of all things charging in to deliver the final blow. Once the Df debuff is in effect, even a Bayou Gremlin starts hitting something with that banjo of his.

The Slop Hauler Cg is insane and they aren't at all bad in melee for the cost. Especially since they have Bayou Two-card.

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