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ok it's kinda done? Roll20 Character Sheet. Not Official.


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So here is a rough draft character sheet for anyone who is thinking of using Roll20 to play through the breach.




and a Horrible Photoshop of what it looks like on Roll20 in the preview area



it doesn't look like that in Roll20, that was just three screenshots in preview mode (which doesn't display it correctly.) In game if you expand the character sheet window, everything aligns up well. It's just the preview area is so small it screws up like that.



If Wyrd gives me permission to upload it to the Roll20 Character Sheet Database/Collective Server I will, but for now you can just copy and paste this into the custom section on character sheets under campaign settings. You need a Mentor level account to do this.




  • You have to expand the window in game, or else all the character skills don't allign.


  • do not touch the left column in the skills section, it will change EVERY value that is dependent on that aspect. I wanted to lock it but it wouldn't auto-calculate. If anyone wants to touch it up or  add something. Please do so and repost here.


  • * represents a skill that affects an aspect


  • Φ represents a skill that has a choice for an aspect


  • Derived aspects won't auto-calculate and neither will the skills with Φ... you just have to know what needs to go there. If you have the PDF's you will notice so I don't see an issue with that.


Roll20 also supports CSS, but I am tired of working on this thing, and wanted just a basic function Character Sheet. All Slots contain data attributes if in the future they update deck/card mechanics to allow API Macros. I might check into it at some point but, the groundwork is set for someone else, if I never get around to it.

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How are you handling a fate deck on roll 20? Are you just using the 52 card deck?


If you decompile the vassal modular it gives you access to 54 images you can use to make a custom FateMaster Deck and Twist Decks, *tedious mode activated* because you have to upload every file individually, but once it's done... it's done.

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