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  1. As a long time fan of the Malifaux Universe, I would recommend the 2nd edition as well.
  2. Not to pull some hardcore thread necromancy, but is this still up to date?
  3. Any chance at a Reupload? Hemgath? It seems that all the links here are now dead. Your version of the Character Sheet is honestly the best out there (and should be the official one) if possible... please consider reuploading.
  4. I was having a conversation with a friend, and I was explaining how Malifaux is the one setting, I would love to walk around in and interact with. Out of curiosity, what is Wyrds stance on Fan-Games?
  5. SPOILERS BRO, I HAVEN'T READ THAT FAR IN THE LORE YET!!!! LOL JK, I kinda knew!? kinda?! I have yet to catch up lore wise, since getting reinvested in the maliverse.
  6. I've been away from the franchise for awhile, so I don't know about how the inner works of Wyrd have changed. I have recently gone insane at my local FLGS and bought all the Malifaux and Through The Breach books they own. I felt like they almost were like "Save something for someone else!", but for them sales, are sales. Anyways, so the original planned line up changed?
  7. I was looking at the old Kickstarter page. Through The Breach Line Plan Thanks to your overwhelming support we are able to plan for the future. We currently plan for the line to have 8 books in total. This makes it easy for players to collect the complete set over the years to come. This won't include our Penny Dreadfuls, so there will be plenty of Through The Breach for everyone! While things might still be subject to change, over the course of the kickstarter, we'll be revealing more of the books that we currently plan for the line! 1. Into The Bayou (Released) Explore the Bayou and the mysteries within the Necropolis. Includes rules for creating Fated Bayou Gremlins. 2. From Nightmares (TBA) This expansion is all about the native denizens of Malifaux, and the more terrifying characters and locations. Includes rules for creating Fated Neverborn. 3. Under Quarantine (Released) This tome contains everything a burgeoning necromancer could want to know. Includes rules for creating Fated Stitched. :: 4. Within The Steam (Released as "Into the Steam") Delves into all things steampunk, and arcane, including a massive armory, as well as expanded elemental magic and rules for creating Fated Invested. 5. In The Guild Wars (Renamed "Above The Law??" TBA) The re-eruption of the Great Guild Wars back on Earthside Shakes Malifaux; the city that feeds the beast. This book delves into the effects of the war, and it's secrets! 6. Beyond Fate (TBA) Designed to take standard campaigns to legendary heights, this book includes rules for Avatars to be used in high power campaigns. - Future Ten Thunders Book that was not in the original line plan. (TBA) (7 - 8) Fated and Fatemaster Almanac condensed into Core Rulebook. So it seems like more than half the line has been released, with a possible extra book as a goody? Am I missing something here? Does anyone know the release dates of the rest of the original line? Is the "In The Guild Wars" book the Above The Law book? and is the Beyond Fate book, the new Ten Thunders book? Will we get an Earthside Book? What is the ETA if anyone knows?
  8. Hi Guys, been a Malifaux Fan since 2009, stopped playing around 2014? However, I have a group of friends who saw the first edition skirmish game books on my shelf and were interested when I said there was an RPG. I bought the 2nd Edition Core Rulebook, and the new fate decks (They are pretty bitchin!) I was going through the spell deck cards, and I noticed one of the magical theories is The Burning Man's Influence. I knew that wasn't an option in the first edition of the RPG, can't find it in the second. Now, I might be a little bit behind on the lore, but last I knew? That's an earthside thing? Am I right? Have they come out with the rulebook for "The Otherside"? is this in one of the Expansion books for the RPG books? Also, I have all the 1st edition tabletop skirmish books, and I have the 2nd edition tabletop skirmish book. Last I knew you can't take a creature's stats from the tabletop and plop them in the RPG because they are too strong, and conversion tips? or better yet, anyone have anything like a monster manual?
  9. Damn. Haha. I was like, "Oh, someone replied, oh it's Nathan... oh. That's a firm answer." Well... if the possibility ever comes, ya know? make it possible. Cheers
  10. Wow, it's been a long time since I have posted. I have slowly started to get into Malifaux again, and I was specifically curious to ask if Wyrd plans to offer an option at some point in the future for out of print miniatures/models? I always had a dream to collect everything malifaux, and I just didn't have the money, (and kinda still don't.) Acquiring the books, ezine, and supplements is easy via drive-thru rpg. However, not so much with physical miniatures? It's kinda hard to find 1st edition stuff on Amazon or eBay. I would love the ability at some point to be able to purchase past miniatures, even if it was more expansive.
  11. If you decompile the vassal modular it gives you access to 54 images you can use to make a custom FateMaster Deck and Twist Decks, *tedious mode activated* because you have to upload every file individually, but once it's done... it's done.
  12. So here is a rough draft character sheet for anyone who is thinking of using Roll20 to play through the breach. http://pastebin.com/TUrpMkSP and a Horrible Photoshop of what it looks like on Roll20 in the preview area http://i.imgur.com/6IrVNnC.png?1 it doesn't look like that in Roll20, that was just three screenshots in preview mode (which doesn't display it correctly.) In game if you expand the character sheet window, everything aligns up well. It's just the preview area is so small it screws up like that. If Wyrd gives me permission to upload it to the Roll20 Character Sheet Database/Collective Server I will, but for now you can just copy and paste this into the custom section on character sheets under campaign settings. You need a Mentor level account to do this. Note! You have to expand the window in game, or else all the character skills don't allign. do not touch the left column in the skills section, it will change EVERY value that is dependent on that aspect. I wanted to lock it but it wouldn't auto-calculate. If anyone wants to touch it up or add something. Please do so and repost here. * represents a skill that affects an aspect Φ represents a skill that has a choice for an aspect Derived aspects won't auto-calculate and neither will the skills with Φ... you just have to know what needs to go there. If you have the PDF's you will notice so I don't see an issue with that. Roll20 also supports CSS, but I am tired of working on this thing, and wanted just a basic function Character Sheet. All Slots contain data attributes if in the future they update deck/card mechanics to allow API Macros. I might check into it at some point but, the groundwork is set for someone else, if I never get around to it.
  13. Exactly, and that's what has annoyed me the most.
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